To the Traumatized Family


A few days ago, I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and saw a comment on a link for a ministry to traumatized children that broke my heart. An adoptive parent was asking where the ministry was for families who have been traumatized by bringing a traumatized child into their home. This is something I […]

how we deal

I’m not gonna lie. My world has been spinning for a few months. And I try my best during the last week of each month to settle on a topic to write about here at NHBO. But y’all. It’s just been hard lately! I walk through a scenario with our boys and I think “BAM! […]

Find My Family: Briana


Briana is a beautiful little 3 going on 4-year-old girl. She is in a group foster care type of home. Briana is able to take care of many of her own needs and is toilet trained. She speaks in long sentences. Briana’s special need is developmental delay, but she does very well! She can run […]


2014-07-03 19.34.23

I am a glass half full kind of person and most definitely, a glass half full kind of mother. Hope springs eternal in my heart and my life plays out accordingly. But, this week, I stopped and gave myself permission to reflect a little on the past months with Grace – just three months shy […]

a family for Lee Lee


This is Lee Lee. She was born in late 2011 with Down’s Syndrome and wears that extra chromosome well! She currently resides in an orphanage in northeast China where she gets lots of attention and love from the orphanage staff. She was very curious and apprehensive of us as I’m sure she had never seen […]

a mom’s struggle with attaching


I was given a deadline for this post of the end of July – mostly because I asked for one.  That was a month ago.  As I write this I am now only one week out from the deadline, and I’m just now sitting down to put my thoughts on paper.  Although I am a […]

waiting child highlight: older children


Please take a moment to view the older waiting children with Lifeline that are highlighted below. Lifeline has many children waiting to find their forever families. If you would like additional information or have questions regarding any of these children or a child you see on the website here, please contact Annie Hamlin for more […]

waiting child highlight: WACAP


Two precious children – who don’t even have a specific special need – waiting for their forever family to find them. Both are on WACAP’s designated list and have a $2000 grant for qualified families. Juliet, born April 2002, can be a little shy in unfamiliar settings, but once you get to know her she […]

waiting child highlight: Oh, those boys!

IMG_6381 small

Many people not familiar with China adoptions are surprised to find out that approximately 75% of children waiting to be adopted in China are, in fact, boys. There are many factors that have caused this staggering number of boys to wait…some of them for a really long time. As the mom of 3 amazing boys, […]

Eye contact {tips for your toolbox}


We received a surprise gift the day we received our daughter 4 years ago. Dimples. Not just any dimples, the most adorable little dimples. The kind that show up even before the smile breaks, giving away that she’s about to lose the staring contest. I love them. While we got to see them that first […]