Ming bai


I love this word in Chinese:  明白, or, if you do not have Chinese fonts installed on your computer, it is “Ming bai”. Little Lukai whom will arrive in Canada on Nov 24th! Now, why do I love it?  Because it means “to understand”.  Or, to “see clearly”.  Literally, I think it means something like […]

Why Hello Spinabifida…


Ping:  Dad!  Dad!  DAD! Me:  What’s up baby? Ping:  Can you take my picture?!Me:  Of course!  Let me get the camera. Ping:  YAY!… a few seconds later … Me:  Okay baby, smile for Daddy! Ping:  What?  No.  I no smile. Me:  But you gotta smile for the picture.  You gotta look cute.Ping:  I want you to take a picture of my […]

Accident, Mafia Style #2


Another “accident” Me:  Uuuuuh, what was that crash?! Wife:  Ummmm… I don’t know. Me:  What happened?  Was it something outside? Wife:  Oh, uh, yea.  The table broke. Me:  The table broke?  How? Wife:  … uuuuuuhhhhmmmm… Me:  *looking outside*  I guess the wind caught it and tipped it over? Wife:  Yea!  That’s it!  I saw the whole thing!  The wind just picked it up, and […]

I am a Coward


Hello, my name is The Yeti…… and I am a Coward. Ping enjoying a horse ride, even with Spina Bifida Now, I’m not ALWAYS a coward.  There are many many things in life which I face bravely.  I can wrestle with bears wrapped in bacon… but for the life of me, children scare me. Now […]

Oh no, they are just like me!


Waiting at midnight for StarCraft II to be released… Son #2 (D):  Daddy!  DAD!!!Me:  What?  Is something wrong?D:  No.  I just need to know how to say something.Me:  Oh, sure.  What are you trying to say?D:  Your mother has a smooth forehead.Me:  Your mother has a what?D:  It’s Klingon!Me:  Yes, I know that.  It’s also […]

I’m Outta here!


4 out of 5 arguments are started over Barbie Dolls… G:  Daddy!  DADDY!  Ping is trying to take my barbie doll!Me:  What?  Ping, are you trying to take G’s doll?Ping:  No!Me:  Really?  Because I see her doll in your hand.Ping:  No!Me:  Ping, I can see that you have G’s doll.  Don’t lie to your Daddy.Ping: […]

Baby Bing


For those who follow along with our Forever Family adoption blog, you would have been introduced to a new potential member to our ever growing family.  And I do mean potential… very strongly potential… but let us recap some of the past couple of months, and how things have shaken down for a couple of […]

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Chaos


Wife:  I have to head back to Winnipeg for a couple of weeks.Me:  Sure, no problem.  Here, let me help you pack the bags for the kids.Wife:  Oh no, the kids are staying here.Me:  hahahaa… oh, for a second there, I thought you said the kids were staying here.Wife:  They are.Me:  hahaha… oh, that’s funny. […]

Sink or Swim

Our daughter Ping has Spina Bifida.  Normally her Special Need doesn’t impact her day to day activities.  There have been the odd emergency trip to the Spina Bifida Clinic… and the numerous check ups, and test, and MRIs, and neurology type things… but other than that… her Spina Bifida has not been on the forefront […]

Catch a Grenade For You


Daughter #1 (G):  Daddy, why did that man say Grenade?Me:  Huh?  What?G:  In the song Daddy.  Listen.  He says Grenade.Me:  Okay… let me turn it up… I’d catch a grenade for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)Throw my hand on a blade for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)I’d jump in front of a train for ya (yeah, yeah […]