Parental Disappointment


Doctor:  Congratulations!  You’ve got a son!Me:  Wow!  A son!Wife:  Oh look at him!  He is beautiful! Me:  He sure is!  Handsome!  Rugged!  He is going to be a star Athlete!Wife:  He can be anything he wants to be…Me:  So long as he is Athletic!  And rough and rugged like his Dad!Wife:  Ummmm… I don’t think […]

I prefer "Emotionally Challenged"

Wife:  So, what are you looking forward to most when we get our new baby?Me:  Uh…  I donno.Wife:  Okay, um, what colour do you think we should paint in their room?Me:  Uh… I donno.Wife:  Okay… what do you think about the new chainsaw?Me:  OH!  The new Huskvarana 21″ with dual clutching system?  With the bigger […]

chainsaw encouragement


Wife: You can totally cut down that tree! Me: Really? I donno. Its pretty big. And I’ve never really cut down a tree before. Wife: You can totally do it! Remember when you and your buddies took down the tree at our old place? Me: Yea, we tried to rent a chain saw, but the […]