My free spirit


It wouldn’t take much to convince me that it was my youngest daughter who the person that coined the phrase “happy-go-lucky” had in mind. DQ at her free-spirited best just after a beach wedding we attended last fall She not only rolls with the punches, she embraces them.  Getting two busy siblings overnight after three […]

The one that came between

My youngest child will probably not have concrete memories of her birth mother.  Today we are 9 1/2 months into a lifetime of making memories together with me as her forever mother.  And while I’m the one she will have permanent memories of, I will do all I can to help her keep memories of […]

A matter of the heart


I was sixteen when my cousin’s son was born with a hole in his heart.  Back then I had no idea that such things were actually rather common.  Or that it was likely that the hole would close up on its own ~ which actually ended up being the situation.  All I knew was that […]

Mixed emotions


A week from today my beautiful girl will have her first appointment with the laser surgeon.  The procedure itself will last less than fifteen minutes from the time anesthesia starts until I’m called back to recovery.  Much less complicated and involved than the two eye surgeries she’s had so far. And yet I find myself […]

Just your average mom

Since I’ve become a mom to a child with a visible special need, I’ve noticed something interesting about the way some people perceive me. Many people, from our guides in China to friends who know our schedules with various specialists to random strangers in grocery lines, want to promote me to sainthood. They say things […]

"What’s wrong with him?"


I have three delightful children. When I have them all in tow, we get a lot of politely curious question in public. A LOT. We hear, “Are they all siblings? Are the girls twins?  Are they all triplets? and Are they all yours?” (especially when my blond haired, blue eyed husband is with me) almost […]

A surprise gift


I have a son. Every now and then that statement still surprises me. When my husband and I began the road to building a family through adoption from China, we simply assumed that we’d have daughters. (At the time we were oblivious to the fact that there were boys who were waiting for the love […]

US 35 North ~ revisited

I bet that I’ve ridden the stretch of US 35 North between Charleston, WV and Dayton, OH at least 100 times in my life.  It’s familiar.  I know where to expect the power plants, glimpses of the river, the convenience stores, and the grand farm houses as we make our way “home” to western Ohio. […]

A new look on life


Well, the most recent eye exam didn’t give quite the results we were hoping for. At the last visit three weeks ago Dr. F was encouraged by the reduction in pressure in our little one’s eye and hoped that we’d be able to avoid further surgery for months, possibly even years. But the pressure has […]

Reflections from my first time in "the waiting chair"


Welcome to Kristi, our newest contributing blogger. Kristi has three children adopted from China and her newest daughter, Darcy, joined their family in February. Kristi blogs about their family at Fireworks and Fireflies. Wednesday of this past week I joined a club. A club I never would have imagined myself in just a few short […]