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There is something unique about the international adoption community ~ specifically the SN group. It is not uncommon for us to sacrificially give to help raise the ransom for our children. We celebrate with one another during each step of the process and especially when our children come home. Yet with great joy comes deep […]

I Never Dreamed I Would Adopt Special Needs Children


I love to hear adoption testimonies! Everyone has a different story. Some say they ‘knew since they were little’ that they would adopt children. Some say it was never on their radar! Some say they began to talk about adoption after years of infertility. Some say it was something they discussed with their spouse from […]

Child Desired Form

The Child Desired Form. It is one of the few pieces of paper that has not been completed in our home study paperwork. It is a form that has an exhaustive list of medical special needs. We are supposed to “check” the special needs that we feel comfortable accepting. And I mean– there is every […]

Please Allow Faster Players to Play Through


Have you ever played miniature golf (we call it putt putt) and seen these signs? “Please Allow Faster Players to Play Through” There are those who are younger and take a few strokes more than others to get that little orange ball in the hole. Then there are those who might be older but still […]

Grasping Concepts


Adopting a hearing impaired child has brought so many new learning experiences into our family. Okay, when I read that, I want to yell, “THAT IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!” Our world was ROCKED when we brought Candie home. In a good way. Hard, but GOOD way. More importantly, HER world was turned upside down. I like […]

HOLD ON TIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

That is what I feel like I’ve been doing since my last post on NHBO….holding on TIGHT! In April, when it was time for me to post, we were in the hospital. In May, when it was time for me to post, we had just come home from the hospital the day before my scheduled […]

Good News Bad News


Disclaimer: After being home from China one week, my mushy jet lagged brain is having trouble coming up with something profound and beautiful. So it is what it is, folks! In special needs adoption, there is a lot of good news & bad news. (What am I saying? In LIFE there is a lot of […]

Our first birthday together!


Last year she celebrated with her beloved foster mama. This year she celebrates with her forever mama and forever family! Thank you Jesus! We brought our 7 year old, Candie, home on Halloween of 2008. Her birthday is 8/23/00. Her special need is bi-lateral microtia/atresia. Candie is a happy little girl and for that I […]

The Big Build-Up


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what in the world I would post on this beautiful blog. Don’t yall LOVE this blog? It is a big ol’ blessing to so many…Kris, your post below stole my heart. Anyway, yesterday I attended a travel information meeting my agency hosted. It was for families who are […]



As a mom to three special needs children from China (one CL/CP, one microtia/atresia, one radial club hands), I am learning to see things in a different light. With each adoption, I learn the art of looking at life through the eyes of a child more and more. As they are growing older and becoming […]