Adoption Tax Credit for 2011


Anyone who has adopted should know about the Adoption Tax Credit. It’s a huge blessing for adopting families to recoup a portion of expenses when adopting a child. But if you’re most of us, that’s about where your knowledge ends. Internet to the rescue. With tax season upon us, here are some links to help […]

What we’re reading Wednesday: links


From the last few weeks, some good stuff we’ve read that relates to adoption from China and/or parenting a special needs child from China. As always, if you are a traveling family, or have posted something, or read something, that you’d like to share here on No Hands But Ours, please let us know at […]

one year with my sweet Vivi Kate


Vivienne officially joined our family on January 11, 2010. That was a glorious day for our family: we were gaining a precious daughter. It was a tragic day for her: she lost everything she knew. A month later, I shared more about the reality of that day. By early spring we were both emerging from […]

a blessed surprise


Since entering the adoption realm in 2004, admittedly painfully unaware, I’ve done my share of reading. My share of gleaning. My share of asking. Since then I have also been asked many questions about adoption by potential adoptive parents. And one question in particular has always stood out to me. Maybe because it was one […]

loving China


We have five children from China, ranging in age from 2 to 6. While none of them have come to us with a desire to explore their heritage, we have taken it upon ourselves to at least crack open the door to their roots. In a small way, embracing not only our children, but where […]

how do you know?


What will my child look like? Will I recognize my child when I ‘see’ them for the first time? These are questions that I think all adoptive parents ask at one time or another, especially in the special needs program. If you’re anything like I was, you manage to find sweet little faces, faces that […]

special needs?


I am a most ordinary person. I drink Diet Coke with my McDonald’s French fries. I love Target and People Magazine. I drive a mini-van for goodness sakes. Back when we were just starting out on our adoption journey, I began to hear bits and pieces about the ‘Waiting Child’ program that the CCAA has […]

a visit to the orthotist


Our daughter Vivienne was born with bilateral clubfoot. Her feet were successfully casted, using the Ponseti Method, while she was still in China. But she has a condition that is a relatively common sequela of clubfoot, known as foot drop. She is missing the muscles on the top of her foot that help her to […]

first words


Adoption is a roller coaster. And meeting and spending those first few day getting to know your child can be one of the most wonderful times of your life. It can also be pretty tough. One of the issues we’ve encountered with almost all of our adoptions is difficultly in the department of communication. Obviously, […]

adopting SN step two: the paperchase

This is the second post (read first post here) that attempts to answer the oft asked question:“How do I get started? We have decided we want to adopt a child from China through the special needs program, but what do we do next?” Once you’ve chosen an agency, the real work begins. It’s time to […]