day 6: older child adoption

November 7, 2014 by nohandsbutours 30shareadoptionchallenge, advocacy; older child adoption, advocating, Children Who Wait 0 Comments


Most children waiting for a family are labeled as a “special needs” child. Don’t let the label fool you, though. For most Americans, the term “special needs” automatically brings to mind severe and profound needs, but that isn’t always the case in adoption. For some children, their special need could be an optical need which …Read More

aging out child: Tula

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Thirteen years. Most of us remember where we were 13 years ago this month. And although some of those memories are still very vivid in our minds, in reality we see 2001 is pretty far in our rear-view mirror. Thirteen years was a long time ago. Now add another 6 months to that. Thirteen years …Read More

aging out child: Jonathon

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Jonathon ages out next February and is listed with Wide Horizons. “Jonathan is a sweet and smart boy who is hoping everyday for a family in the United States. Sadly, this wonderful kid only has 6 months to find a family! Under Chinese adoption law Jonathan must be adopted before he turns 14 years old. …Read More

waiting child highlight: hearing loss

November 6, 2013 by nohandsbutours advocacy; older child adoption 3 Comments

Meet Andrew Update: My family has found me! Andrew is a very polite 9 year old who has been living in a wonderful foster home for the past seven months. He is deaf. He communicates with his peers and house nannies by pointing to objects and expressing his needs. He has begun learning sign language …Read More

Who Are You Waiting For?

December 6, 2011 by nohandsbutours advocacy; complex heart defects, advocacy; older child adoption, complex heart defect, Wife of the Prez 0 Comments

Are you waiting for a referral? Are you waiting in the Waiting Child (SN) program or the traditional (NSN) program? Are you waiting for what seems like years? Or perhaps you have been waiting for years?Do you know who you are waiting for? A daughter younger than two years old perhaps? Or maybe she could …Read More

Madison – Camp Rabbit 2

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News from Sara Lang at Madison Adoption Associates – Camp Rabbit 2 is underway… Aleda, Diana, Lydia, and our volunteer doctor, Bonnie, are on their way to the Philadelphia Airport to begin the Journey of Hope that will be Camp Rabbit 2! Madison Adoption Associates will be meeting a wonderful group of children in Baoan, …Read More

The Care and Keeping of the Broken Heart

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Cross posted from my blog. There are photos of the hair transformation and products used, there. I tried to post them here, but had issues. I planned a different blog today. I planned to write about the care and keeping of Cheeky’s hair. We’ve had issues, you see. Food in the hair issues. Marker in …Read More

What a Difference…

December 15, 2010 by nohandsbutours advocacy; older child adoption 0 Comments

There is nothing like looking at “before” and “after” pictures to see the difference a family makes. One year ago today, I wrote my post for NHBO from China.  I had just met {the day before} our 10th treasure  – Jubilee Promise!  Yesterday as I was looking at pictures from that day one year ago, …Read More

Slipped through the cracks

July 29, 2010 by nohandsbutours advocacy; older child adoption, guest post 4 Comments

…but always in the hands of the Father. I’m talking about our son, Kooper. Nine months ago we met him for the first time. In April when we received his referral, we wondered why this 13 year old boy had to wait so long for a family to call his own. Little did we know, …Read More

I'll Say It

June 12, 2010 by nohandsbutours advocacy; older child adoption, Wife of the Prez 17 Comments

This post is one that has been brewing, stewing, soaking … whatever you want to call it … in my head for a LONG time. I just read the latest update on our agency’s blog. Here is an excerpt: The current wait time from LID to referral is 50-51 months with a trend of increasing …Read More

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