Mystery Mama, I wish you were here today.


Mystery Mama, I wish you were here today. Today of all days, you should be here. Our daughter turns 3 today. Watching her open gifts and boss her brothers around…you should be here. You should get to take a turn chasing her on the scooter she learned to ride last week and giggling when she […]

she + i


she and i spend a lot of days like this. her in my arms, snuggling, giggling, crying, jabbering about all types of things. though my arms tire, my heart never does. holding a wee one in their greatest as well as saddest moments is of the deepest treasures not just in motherhood, but life in […]

my wild and beautiful.


she finds my pillow or my arm or holds my hand… and stays close by through the night. her wild and spunky and determined self finds rest. for years i dreamed of this. waited endlessly to have her snuggling in my arms. wept thousands of tears over the days we were apart. and she is […]

Our Non-Verbal World {hearing her “it” factor}


Angie and her husband live in Pennsylvania with their 3 kids (2 bio boys and 1 daughter adopted in July 2011 from china – born with the cutest cleft lip you ever did see). They spend time working on crazy projects, taking far too many pictures and serving God to the best of their abilities. […]