2010 overview of China adoption

From the Center for Adoption Policy January 18, 2011International Adoption From China Today. During 2010 the China Center for Adoption Affairs placed children from the non-special needs adoption program with prospective adoptive parents whose dossiers had been logged in between April 3 and April 29, 2006. Given the time it takes for PAPs to prepare […]

lots of wonderful news

The next shared list will be released on the night of Monday, November 22nd. If you are matched from this list, or were recently matched, please share your news with us! Additionally, CCAA has just announced that families may adopt two children using the same dossier if at least one child is designated as “Special […]

China introduces "special focus" children

CCAA will now be spotlighting certain children on the shared listing as “special focus” children, opening up new opportunities to help place these older and/or children with more significant special needs. The opportunity to adopt two children at the same time is addressed and seems to be something CCAA is more enthusiastic about, when at […]

shared list changes

March 8, 2010 The CCAA has made an announcement regarding the process in which families will be able to lock in files of children on the shared list. From the statement, the CCAA addresses the frustration of agencies to be able to lock in files for families already LID, due to the overwhelming traffic when […]

word from CCAA

**update ~ a second agency has also confirmed this statement from the CCAA regarding the individual lists. This agency will be sending their individual files back to the CCAA very shortly ** We have recently learned of an agency that is stating that the CCAA will no longer be designating agency specific lists. This means […]

time is up for non-Hague agencies

The CCAA has announced that, beginning December 1, 2009, all prospective adoptive families will be required to work with a U.S. Hague accredited adoption service provider for both transition cases and Convention cases. This could have huge implications for any in process family who is working with an agency that is not Hague accredited. Please […]

A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand Adoption Agency has updated their current list of waiting children.Additionally, they are participating in the CCAA’s “Trip of Hope” program. Read more here. For more information, contact:Dana Woods: dana@worldadoptions.org

Announcement from the CCAA

Here is an announcement from the CCAA regarding the current outbreak of swine flu, released today.

Shared list

A new list of children was released last night on the shared listing!

Orphanage Donation Increase?

Rumors are swirling about another orphanage donation increase… already? One source said an increase from the current $5000 to $7000 and another speculated that it was going to increase from $5000 to $9000?Anyone have some insight into this? Feel free to comment or email us at nohandsbutours@gmail.com