waiting child highlight: madison

2005, July 1st, Palmer

Meet Joel Joel is a newly listed six year old with Madison Adoption Associates via an orphanage partnership. His file says he has cerebral hypoplasia and epilepsy. Joel’s motor and intellectual development at present: he can walk alone, go upstairs and downstairs holding the wall, and can put on pants and shoes by himself. Joel […]

waiting child highlight: snowdrop girls

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All of the beautiful girls featured in this post are also featured on the blog “Stop for Snowdrops”. If you are interested in learning more about these girls, please go here. Meet Erica, a beautiful treasure! Beautiful Erica is 6 years old. Her special need is cerebral palsy which affects her lower limbs and her […]

aging-out children


Chinese law forbids adoption after the age of fourteen. The children highlighted below will all lose the chance of having a family by November or December of this year. A family would need to either be very close to having dossier sent to China or already be logged in with China to race to beat […]

waiting child highlight: heartsent adoptions


Meet Hero Hero is a very smart, very out-going little boy who is almost 8 years old. He is incredible, born without legs, and a few fingers fused, he doesn’t let his special need slow him down. By 18 months, he had figured out how to use his arms and swing his body to move […]

special need highlight: focus on dwarfism


After adding 2 beautiful girls from China and 2 incredible boys from Ethiopia to our already full and active family of three biological kiddos. We thought for sure we were done adding to our family. We felt God leading us to care for the orphans in other ways – advocating for waiting children, meeting with […]

waiting child highlight: more boys!


For more information on the huge need to adopt boys, read this article by Love Without Boundaries and watch this video. Families who have brought home boys: There’s No Place Like Home Fireworks and Fireflies Crazy Life of The Wilks Everything Beautiful Meet Lance Lance is a healthy eleven year old boy who was found […]

waiting child highlight: dillon


These great kids are waiting to thrive in the love of permanent families and we have a limited time to help them. Please join us in praying that they receive the miraculous gift of family this Christmas! For more information on any of the children below, please visit Dillon’s Waiting Child Page to complete a […]

waiting child highlight: cerebral palsy


Cerebral palsy, also referred to as CP, is a term used to describe a group of chronic conditions affecting body movement and muscle coordination. It is caused by damage to one or more specific areas of the brain, usually occurring during fetal development; before, during, or shortly after birth; or during infancy. Thus, these disorders […]

waiting child highlight: down syndrome


All of the beautiful children featured in this post have been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. They are all featured on Reece’s Rainbow and several of them have sizeable grants available toward their adoptions. Don’t let these children’s special needs keep you from looking at their files! Each one of them has the potential to be […]

waiting child highlight: girls


Meet Daniela Born March of 2006, sweet Daniela is waiting on the shared list. She is listed as having Cerebral Palsy. Daniela is in foster care in the countryside near the orphanage. She has normal communication with her foster mother and people she is familiar with. Her personality is a bit introverted. She likes to […]