Waiting to be chosen: Get ready to fall in love with these three boys – Bates, Canaan, and Heathton

March 26, 2017 AWAA, Children Who Wait, Chris 0 Comments

It’s all about the boys today! “Listen” as these Storytellers from America World Adoption – Journey of Hope – share their stories about three darling boys. Meet Bates: This cute little boy grabbed my attention at the opening ceremony as he made wantons out of play dough during craft time. Whenever I saw him, he …Read More

Waiting to be Chosen: Caris and Saul

March 12, 2017 Children Who Wait, Chris 0 Comments

Members from the One Orphan Hope Journey Team (America World Adoption) share their stories of two very precious children… Read about Caris and her wait for a forever family. One of the highlights of my trip was coming back to the foster care center on the second day and seeing Caris. At the end of …Read More

Three Delightful and Charming Children: Wesson, Benz, and Ace

March 8, 2017 Children Who Wait, Chris 1 Comments

“Storytellers” from the One Orphan Hope Journey team had the privilege of meeting these remarkable children. Pull up a chair and “hear” all about them! Wonderful Wesson This little boy, with his shy smile and sweet spirit, stole my heart. We became buddies on our shopping trip to “Walmart” in China this past October. It …Read More

The Dynamic Duo: Robin and Clyde

March 2, 2017 Children Who Wait, Chris 0 Comments

This year was a very special year as American World Adoption has sent many passionate teams to China. Each team member carries home the stories of countless children as they seek to advocate and speak up for waiting children. Read as a team member shares her story of two special children who have found friendship …Read More

Beyond Adoption: An Interview with Karen Brenneman from New Day Foster Home

October 1, 2016 Beyond Adoption, Chris, New Day Foster Home, NGOs, other ways to care for the orphan 2 Comments

Here at No Hands But Ours, we are passionate about the Fatherless; the orphaned, the child who so desperately needs a family. And so we advocate, we encourage, we inform, we love. We also know that many of our readers are as passionate and want to support and love on children who need families… some …Read More

A Few of Our Favorite Books

June 24, 2016 books, Chris, June 2016 Feature - Books 1 Comments

We love reading at our house. Love it. As a middle school Language Arts teacher, this love makes my heart soar with delight. So. Yes. We have a ton of books. And yes, we have many, many books about {China} adoption stories. As well as stories set in China, stories about China, toddler/preschool books with …Read More

When {Older} Siblings Aren’t Supportive

February 29, 2016 adopting again, adopting later in life, Chris, February 2016 Feature - Siblings, sibling perspective, siblings 4 Comments

Wait. What? You’re not excited that we’re adopting again? But how could this be? Why? What’s the problem here? You were super excited when we adopted before… what’s so different this time? These were the questions we asked when we told our older children almost two years ago that we were growing our family through …Read More

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