By Joan, mom to Isabella from China with cleft lip and palate My name is Joan and I am a single mom to two girls adopted from China with the help of Children’s Home Society & Family Services. Elizabeth is my oldest daughter and I traveled March of 2003 to bring her home. She was […]



By Julia, waiting mom to Caleb in China with cleft lip and palate I clearly heard God calling our family to adopt years ago. I cried every time I heard or saw anything adoption related. I just knew that we were called to go somewhere to adopt someone. I didn’t know where, who, when or […]



By Jennifer, mom to Cainan Tao Pletcher from China with cleft lip and palate We decided to persue a SN adoption and adoption of a little boy from China almost right from the beginning of our adoption process. Adoption was always part of our family plan. We thought we would have two biological children and […]



By Kateri, mother of Alayna from China with cleft lip and palate I remember after Kyrsten was born, whenever someone would ask, David and I would firmly say “we’re done.” Troy and Kyrsten were only 22 months apart. And even though we both work full time, children are expensive. There would be no more Lambrose […]

Maddie Rae


By Retta, mom to Maddie Rae from China with cleft lip and palate I am often asked, “Why did you decide to adopt?” and I normally sit there racking my brain for a clever and inspiring answer. Something that will sum up our adoption journey in one short sentence while motivating that person to check […]



By Ohilda, mom to Kai from China with cleft lip and palate As we entered thru the front doors of the building, there standing with his nanny, was one of the most precious gifts I have ever received in my life. To this day, I am filled with shivers down my spine thinking of how […]



By Sarah, mom to Naomi from China with cleft lip and palate Our family’s dossier was originally logged in to the CCAA on August 3, 2006, NSN. A long year had passed since that summer, and we received an email that would change our lives. Our agency, All God’s Children, International (AGCI), sent out a […]



by Donna, mom to Lainey from China with cleft lip and cleft palate We began our adoption journey in March 06, becoming LID on 8/1/06. I began looking into the SN program before my husband was comfortable with it. But, after realizing it wasn’t as scary as he initially had built it up to be, […]

Lindsey Li


By Kathy, mother to Lindsey Li from China with cleft lip and palate Did I know I would adopt from China before 2006? Well that answer is no. I knew nothing about Chinese adoptions let alone special needs. My oldest daughter, Chelsea left us to be with God on January 6, 2006. She was healthy […]



by Cathy, mom to Camie from China with cleft lip and palate We received a letter from our Agency at the end of December (2006) saying they were going to have a ‘Pilot’ program for 5 Special Needs baby’s waiting to be adopted and if we were interested to fill out the information and send […]