World Down Syndrome Day 2015

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March 21st. The 21st day of the 3rd month of the year. A day picked specifically to celebrate those with a 3rd copy of their 21st chromosome. And this day specifically to increase awareness of the global blessing of Down syndrome! There is no firm data on how many beautiful people there are world wide …Read More

Chinese New Year’s Resolution

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great wall1

I don’t know that I understood the full ramifications the day I marked the CHINA box on our adoption paperwork. I understood that I would be bringing a piece of China home with me (he was so soft and cute!), but I didn’t realize that I would also be sending a piece of myself there. …Read More

Adoption Allergies

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“He’s been home for over two years. Isn’t it time you stop thinking about attachment?“   I stared dumbfounded at the face in front of me that had just uttered those hurtful words. I knew in my heart, they were said both in overly-asserted kindness and in ignorance, but I kinda wanted to scream back …Read More

Joseph’s Heart

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I seriously love Christmas. I love the lights. I love the giving. I love the awe. The awe of God’s promise fulfilled through Mary and her baby, and the total miracle of it all. But my heart goes out to Joseph…because I want to be the forever parent I think he was. He was chosen …Read More

Caring Creatively

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November is National Adoption Month. Pretty cool, huh? You would think that this is primarily a “Christian holiday” but I’ve been thrilled to see the secular media highlighting adoption & foster care and even adoption ministries throughout the month. (See Huffington Post article HERE.) But adoption is just one, albeit amazing, facet of God’s call to …Read More

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

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October is Down syndrome Awareness Month. An entire month to celebrate those who were gifted with an extra gene. Which is kinda cool, if you think about it…like a national birthday party for your DNA. It’s hard to get better than that! I frequently describe Down syndrome as an ‘extra chromosome of love’. It is …Read More

Eleven Simple Steps to Successful Single Adoption

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Single parenting is a special responsibility. For most, life as a single parent it is not a chosen event; they somehow ended up balancing both ends of the teeter-totter and probably not expectantly. But single adoption is another story. A parent who chooses to walk forward in parenting a child alone, especially a child with …Read More

Mothering Together

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When I learned my boy was in foster care, I found myself praying for the woman who was caring for my child. She was doing her job and I was appreciated her. When I heard that she co-slept with my boy keeping him safe by her side at night and that Isaac’s favorite activity was …Read More

God does not fail

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The fall of 2008 found me on a teeny-tiny island many miles off the coast of Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific Ocean. It took three planes and a banana boat to get us there and many of the seasoned locals had not seen a white person since the Japanese invasion of 1942. To …Read More

The OhOh Song

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Like all toddler/preschoolers my boy can be a bit obsessive about things from time to time. He frequently will not leave the house without a random “object of necessity”…a pillowcase, a can of mushrooms, a toothbrush AND a Bible, the vacuum cleaner (he may have been commenting on the state of the car with that …Read More

Bamboo Project Update

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Today is a very special day… in a few short hours, the first of the Bamboo Project children will be in the arms of her FOREVER family! I’ve gotten to walk along side this lovely family from Georgia from nearly the start of their journey. Let me tell you, they are MORE than in love …Read More

Stamp of Glory

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As a medical mom, I went into a special needs adoption with eyes wide open. I dusted off old medical journals, updated myself on the current care guidelines for Down syndrome, consulted with colleagues, and scheduled with trusted specialists. I understood the ramifications of a spectrum disorder like DS and felt prepared for whatever ribbon …Read More


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Overwhelmingly, the number one word used to describe my son and the majority of those rocking an extra chromosome like him is…HAPPY. This is seriously not a bad reputation to have! In fact, there is a great YouTube video going around with groups of people with Down syndrome gleefully shaking what God gave them to …Read More

Bamboo Project Update: Five Boys

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When I started down the Adoption Road I repeatedly refused to mark ‘preferred gender’ box on all the paperwork. I simply wasn’t going to make that decision: God would determine the gender of my child during a natural pregnancy, He could certainly do the same during a paper pregnancy. I didn’t have a real preference, …Read More

the fruit of your labor

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Two months ago, we asked for your help. We were looking for a few new bloggers to help round out the NHBO team. And boy-o-boy, did y’all come through. We received 115 nominations. And we sifted through each one. What fun to visit all those adoption blogs and read the stories of so many precious …Read More

adoption cousins

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“Where are you from? What do you do? What church do you go to?” These are the socially acceptable questions everyone asks when meeting someone new. The answers define who the person is standing in front of you and the kind of relationship you may have with them. But, since starting down the Adoption Road, …Read More

Created Perfectly

March 21, 2014 by nohandsbutours Desiree, Down syndrome 3 Comments

Today, 3/21, is World Down Syndrome Day! (Get it? 3-21? Trisomy 21!) A day intentionally set aside to be aware of and to embrace the overwhelming BLESSING that is Down syndrome. Down syndrome is indeed a spectrum of special needs; some children & adults with Down syndrome are much more medically, developmentally & emotionally affected …Read More

Bamboo Project Update

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An update on the original guest post by Desiree from The Adoption Seed The Story of the Earth Suit: When I was preschool/early school age I was obsessed with space. With astronauts. With the space shuttle. With the stars. With all of it. In fact, at the height of NASA’s shuttle program, I remember being …Read More

The Bamboo Project

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Guest post by Desiree from The Adoption Seed My sweet boy is amazing in a thousand incredible ways. Every day I am in awe of the miracle of his little life — that he lives and breaths and is thriving despite what his genetics & his culture had pre-destined for him. His evening dance-offs in …Read More