disruption: 3 things for parents to consider

March 26, 2015 by nohandsbutours adoption realities, disruption, guest post, March 2015 Feature, orphanage realities 3 Comments


Today we finish out our month-long series on disruption with a post by Amy Eldridge of Love Without Boundaries Foundation. We are so grateful to include her voice of experience here, as she has spent years working on behalf of orphans in China and has witnessed the wake of disruption on families and children – …Read More

with open arms: adopting from disruption

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We stood shivering on a strange doorstep sixteen long hours from home. It was nerves mixed with excitement that churned inside me as we raised our hand to knock on the door. A stack of boxes and suitcases greeted us in the foyer when the door opened. We stepped inside and a little boy with …Read More

When It Isn’t Harmonious

March 13, 2015 by nohandsbutours disruption, March 2015 Feature 21 Comments


Continuing our series on disruption, today we share a story from Katie who blogs at Bear The Light. If you haven’t read our other posts in this series, you can find them here and here. Come with me on a journey for a few minutes. This is my personal journey full of triumph and failure, …Read More

Thoughts on Disruption: This Much I Know For Sure

March 6, 2015 by nohandsbutours disruption, guest post, March 2015 Feature 37 Comments


Continuing our series, Disruption in Adoption, today we are sharing a post from Stephanie, a mom who has personally experienced the devastation of a failed adoption. We are grateful for her willingness to share her story. ……….. 18 years in the classroom as a teacher was easy compared to parenting three little ones at home …Read More

Disruption: the facts

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The beginning of March marks the start of a series where we will be discussing disruption and dissolution in adoption. We are treading prayerfully and lightly into this realm of the adoption world that is so often avoided. It is hard to talk about. It is complicated. And it is most definitely life altering to …Read More


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by Lyn, mom to Addie from China with an SN of psychomotor developmental delays My husband Bob and I got married in 1995, and by 2001 had two beautiful daughters. We were content with our family and had no plans to have any more children. However, in December 2005, God showed us that He had …Read More


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By Anonymous, mother to Meng from China with a small head circumference Another Side of Disruption I guess I have a different outlook on disruption. Its a subject that raises great emotion with a lot of families adopting but its one I feel extremely blessed by. You see its through a disruption In China, that …Read More


January 24, 2009 by nohandsbutours disruption, Family Stories, neurofibromatosis, NF1 0 Comments

By Kristin, mother to Abby from China In September 2005, we found ourselves DTC again for another beautiful little one from China. Having returned with Anna Grace (our NSN child) in July 2004, we knew the typical process involved. Shortly after becoming DTC, my husband brought up the idea of a special needs child. His …Read More