Ellis Island, Genealogy, and Adoption


I returned home yesterday from New York City, a quick cross-country jaunt with just one of my children, to see my brother and explore the sights. Of course, we went to Ellis Island, not just because we were tourists, but because ever since a college course in genealogy, I’ve been somewhat addicted to tracing my […]

Hep B Parents: 10 Reasons You Should Get Yourself to Philly

Hepatitis B Foundation 2012 “B” Informed Parent Conference An Outreach Program for Parents of Children Chronically Infected with HBV Saturday, May 19th 9:00-4:30 Holiday Inn Express Midtown 1305 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA 1. The “B Informed” Conference for parents of children with Hepatitis B happens just once a year. You do not want to miss […]

Hepatitis B: Debunking the Myths


ADOPTING A CHILD WITH HEP B WILL PUT MY FAMILY AT RISK: A few years ago, a woman looking to adopt a special needs child sent me several emails, asking questions about Hepatitis B. After a fairly long, friendly exchange, her last email included the following line, “I guess I’m just not comfortable bringing in […]

Learning to Cry


“It’s normal,” said our international adoption doctor.  “Normal, at least, for where she’s come from….” Our daughter was 11 months old when she came home from China, young for a special needs adoption.  She had spent 10 months in the orphanage and one month in foster care.  Overall, she was doing very well and was […]

An Anniversary, a Hope, and a Video

It’s been nearly two years since our youngest daughter had her last shot of PEG Interferon.  Two years since we happily bid farewell to the sharps container and the alcohol wipes.  Two years since we left behind the marathon naps and achy tummy and bloody noses.  And two years since we learned that our daughter […]

Only a Mama


Last week, our 4 year-old son, XiXi had just had his bath, was in his favorite pair of monster jammies, and smelled of that wonderful combination of shampoo and toothpaste.  I was tucking his blanket around him when he brought up China.  He’s only been home eight months, but very rarely mentions anything at all […]

Boy, Oh Boy


When we toured our son’s orphanage, I asked the assistant director so many questions that Helen, our poor translator, needed to stop for a water break.  The assistant director, on the other hand, asked only one question of me, a question that left me stammering: “Why are people not adopting boys?” They have many boys, […]

What are you afraid of?


I’ll never forget the first time I saw my son’s face. The magnetic smile, the cocky pose, the peace sign. Something about him spoke to us; spoke to us so strongly that despite not planning for this adoption at all, we suddenly found ourselves adopting. His paperwork said that he was smart and outgoing, well-adjusted […]

a family of seven.


Eileen is a regular contributor here and has shared her thoughts and feelings over the last year as she and her family have anticipated meeting their newest family member, Xi Xi. Today was the day they finally were able to hold their long-awaited son. And Eileen was happy to share their story here… We are […]

Bye Bye, Baby


I’ve done this with each new addition to our family — be it through pregnancy or adoption — I go through a mourning phase. I hate to admit it, but in the midst of the excitement and joy, I also feel loss. As my husband and I left our apartment to be induced with our […]