Crazy and Normal

I think most of my life right now is all about balance in lots of areas … I was at birthday party yesterday of a friend who has just adopted 2 children (infant and 3 year old from the United States) … All of our children hadn’t met yet, but she was throwing the 3 […]

Balance between – Advocacy, Trust, and Knowledge

I can tell you I feel like I FELL into being a SN mom and I have learned so much about the balance of ADVOCACY, TRUST, AND KNOWLEDGE … Making sure you have a doctor that will listen to you is so important … Knowing that you have a doctor that will treat your child […]


There is one thing I have noticed about my growth as a person and a mother through parenting UNIQUELY made children and that is my heart sees things more clearly … There is a filter gone when I view others and I can sense a need or see an ache or an unexplainable joy … […]



I am going to try and help you under something that may SEEM a bit odd, but I am finding it occurs more and more these days and before you get knocked over w/ the EMOTION of it perhaps I can make you aware of it, so that is can be ignored … One of […]

Are You Looking For The Blessings ?

I am writing this post from Uganda as I prepare to meet my newest two angels … As I have mentioned before when we put in our paperwork we didn’t check the box marked SN this time … Maggie is still keeping us on our toes and with lots of surgeries now and in her […]

Preparing for Surgery …

I know many of us with Special Angels will be spending a lot of time in the hospital, at doctor’s appt, in therapy, and many other places to help our children grow, heal, and get the very best they need to enjoy a happy healthy life … So my encouragement to you is to accept […]

Road To Recovery …

I am sorry that I am late in posting today, but it has been an emotional day and trying to find the right words that will be honest, encouraging, and from the Lord often takes some time when you are in the midst of a trial … You see we got news today that our […]

Allowing Others To Be Obedient …

I definitely think one thing I learned quickly after bringing home our precious SN angel is that I could not be everything to everyone all the time … If God was truly calling us to this journey that was hard, came w/ many sleepless nights, required more in a day than I had, and required […]

Simple and True

I have been praying for over a week what God would have me share about our adoption of a sweet angel from China, who had been burned, neglected, and shunned because of her outward appearance … In the first moments of meeting our sweet daughter I could see the woundedness all over her face and […]