He Knows

May 21, 2016 by nohandsbutours adopting a boy, clubfoot, complex heart defects, Family Stories, hypospadias, PDA, waiver request 3 Comments


Who knew ​this momma – who had once upon a time envisioned life with my husband to include ​a couple of ​children, a spacious home, and (of course!) many family vacations to tropical destinations​ – would instead​ learn (​and ​daily​ re-learn)​ that the path to the​ purest​ peace and the greatest joy​ is to​ yield …Read More

grace, garrison & goodbye

December 29, 2014 by nohandsbutours hypospadias, Kam 3 Comments


If you were to judge my punctuality solely on the basis of my No Hands But Ours posts, you’d be led to believe that I fail to do anything on time! I’m really pretty darn punctual actually but somehow, not here. Still, I’m sure that my last post for NHBO has just been put off …Read More

I had a plan

May 1, 2014 by nohandsbutours hypospadias, Kam 1 Comments

I have a personal problem. You know, one of those personality deficiencies that are just part of your makeup, part of who you are? This particular problem, though I’d still contest is a strength for the average Joe, pops up during the most inopportune times and throws me for a loop. I’m a planner. I …Read More

Urology Woes & Successes

March 1, 2014 by nohandsbutours heart defect, hypospadias, Kam, Urogenital System 1 Comments

So happy March, y’all! Are you as excited about spring coming to your neck of the woods as I am about it coming to mine? Whew. And I only live in the South. Can’t imagine how you folks in other parts of the country are still managing to maintain sanity right about now! But hold …Read More

you can't keep a good man down

December 1, 2013 by nohandsbutours hypospadias, Kam, Urogenital System 0 Comments

I’ve posted here before that I’m an idiot. There’s no denying. And my idiocy is magnified at the pedi urologist’s office. But recently, I scored one for the mommy dummies of the world, because I was right! Our Gabe wasn’t doing well. I couldn’t put my finger on it. He was cranky and pulling at …Read More

baby steps and giant leaps

November 1, 2013 by nohandsbutours heart defect, hypospadias, Kam, Urogenital System 3 Comments

I’m not sure if I’ve posted here before about the long and winding road we walk with our Joel in regards to education. In a nutshell, Joel came home to us at age 3 having spent his life in an orphanage. He was not speaking Thai at all and we were told by his pediatrician …Read More

not in a million years

April 2, 2013 by nohandsbutours heart defect, hypospadias, Kam, Urogenital System 3 Comments

So I’m a moron. I mean it. A complete and total dork. My idiocy seems to come out NOT in front of fellow idiots, but around uber smart, genius type people. You know, those who intimidate the heck out of you and before whom you know ahead of time that you should just keep your …Read More

I not be fraid~

February 1, 2012 by nohandsbutours heart defect, hypospadias, Kam, Urogenital System 0 Comments

Happy February everyone! I for one can’t believe how fast time is moving. I’m sure it’s about to slow to a snail’s pace for my family though as we have just submitted our LOI for a new son this week. The wait has officially begun again. 🙂 Many of you know that we lost our …Read More


February 27, 2009 by nohandsbutours cl/cp, Craniofacial, Family Stories, hypospadias, Urogenital System 0 Comments

by Mara and Kevin, parents to David from China with cleft lip/palate and hypospadias Kevin and I knew before we were married that we might not be able to have biological children, so we had talked about adoption for years before we started the process in September 2006. Even then, we thought about a special …Read More


January 19, 2009 by nohandsbutours Family Stories, hypospadias, undescended testicle 1 Comments

By Terry, mom to Micah from China with hypospadias Micah had hypospadias as his need. That meaning he doesn’t urinate through the tip of the penis. There are 3 different stages of hypospadias, one being where the opening is just underneath the tip, the second where the opening is midway back, and Micah’s condition where …Read More

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