I not be fraid~


Happy February everyone! I for one can’t believe how fast time is moving. I’m sure it’s about to slow to a snail’s pace for my family though as we have just submitted our LOI for a new son this week. The wait has officially begun again. Many of you know that we lost our son, […]

Mankind is our business~


Well Happy New Year! I don’t know about you all, but I’m plumb dumb excited to jump into 2012 and see what the Lord has for us all! 2011 proved to be difficult in many ways for us and though we walked a road we didn’t choose, we can look back and see the hand […]

brand spankin’ new~

I really can’t decide where to begin. Being new here fills me with a million questions. None of which really matter to anyone but me! Still, I don’t want this “Hello” post to be about me or us or our family. But I just think it could come across rude to just pop in like […]