the unknown


Suddenly I realized that I’d gone from smiling to wiping away tears. It all started innocently enough. I was sitting in a stuffy school gymnasium with around 100 other proud kindergarten parents watching my precious one and all of theirs in her first school performance. The first few numbers were cute enough; a celebration of […]

My baby


Last Sunday we celebrated five years since our oldest child was placed in my arms in a hot room in southern China.  That means that I’m precisely five years and six days into this glorious adventure called motherhood. The learning curve was vicious at first, but I’ve come a long way.  I feel that I […]



A few months ago we assumed that our oldest son had perfectly good vision. Then I took him to his yearly check at the pediatrician’s office.  He rocked out the vision chart using both eyes, and then again with his left eye.  But when it came time for his right eye, he just giggled and […]

Learning to love dangerously


Special needs. There’s a whole lot of weight to those two words. I’ve written a few times about how having several children with so called “special needs” doesn’t define our family.  We have more specialist appointments than some and less than others, but overall the family life of the “M6″ is mapped by four active […]

Not much to say


Today I don’t really have much to say about special needs adoptions. Actually, that isn’t really true. I have plenty to say about special needs adoptions.  It’s just that I have this adorable little quad that keep me away from my keyboard more and more these days… You want to talk SN adoptions?  Come by […]

His heart


I’ll never forget meeting our Daniel for the very first time.  We had met both Caleb and Darcy around the same age and while Ian and I were thrilled, it could be said that neither of them were…  I was prepared for a similar reaction from our youngest. As we approached the courtyard, the red […]

and we love

There is something unique about the international adoption community ~ specifically the SN group. It is not uncommon for us to sacrificially give to help raise the ransom for our children. We celebrate with one another during each step of the process and especially when our children come home. Yet with great joy comes deep […]

New perspective on loss


It has been almost a month since my grandfather died.  Long past the the initial shock, and the trip “home” to Ohio for the funeral, the tears have continued to come, usually at unexpected times.  Most recently it was over selecting a bunch of asparagus at the grocery.  Standing there in the produce section I […]

Finding peace

I find it funny how sometimes by the end of the day that I can hardly remember what I had for lunch, yet I know EXACTLY what I was doing three years ago right around lunch time.  To understand that day, I need to back up to 24 hours prior.  At the time we were […]

Conversations at Bedtime

Ever have one of those nights when you’re pretty sure your kiddo(s) is(are) stalling at bedtime with random questions? Yeah, me too.  If I’m going to be honest, around here that happens pretty frequently. Take the other night’s conversation for instance. Caleb ~ “Mommy.  Hey Mommy.”Me ~ “Yes Caleb?”C ~ “What amoebas eat?”Me ~ “Um.  […]