All About Love


It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so let’s talk about LOVE! One of my favorite subjects! Some say, “Actions speak louder than words.” In some cases, that may be true. But we must never underestimate the power of words. When we meet our adopted children for the first time, we always say I love you lots and […]

#1 Sign


Here is the Number One Sign that you need to re-clarify the similarities between adopted and birth children: When your 5 year old sits next to an adult visitor at church and promptly asks him, “Did you come from a belly?” Well, Kevin. As a matter of fact, we ALL came from bellies. Time to […]

Adopting Two with the Same Special Need


Our first four adopted children from China have all had completely different special needs: radial club hands, cl/cp, bi-lateral microtia, and CHD. Our 5th adoption was our 5 year old Keith, who has radial club hands like our 7 year old daughter from China. When we saw his picture and his hands, we were amazed […]

730 Days


“Stick ‘em up, heart cath…” Kevin joined our family in February 2010 with pulmonary hypertension, single ventricle, heterotaxy, VSD, and a few other heart anomalies. Before we brought Kevin home, we knew there was a possibility that he would not be a candidate for a heart repair surgery. Just a few weeks after arriving home, […]

The Bed


I love my bed, don’t you love your bed? Think about it for a minute. When you’ve been out of town for awhile, don’t you just look forward to your OWN BED? There’s just nothing else like it. And oh, that first night back in your bed after you’ve been away on a trip? You […]

A Birthday Fully Enjoyed


I remember 5 years ago on May 26th, 2007. I was at my niece’s graduation camping experience with my entire family. We were having the time of our lives. Biking, hiking, roasting marshmallows, swimming, talking, sharing…it was a wonderful day! Except for that deep void I felt in my heart. That sadness that made me […]

Oh Mother, You Are Beautiful!

It’s Mother’s Day. You’re a mom of one, two, three, seven, ten, fourteen? You’re beautiful, Mother! It’s Mother’s Day. You’re a mom to biological children, adopted children, step children, grandchildren? You’re beautiful, Mother! It’s Mother’s Day. You’re about to be a mom for the first time, second time, seventh time? You’re beautiful, Mother! It’s Mother’s […]

Good Things Come in Small Packages


It is a common expression, and it is completely appropriate for the subject of this post…but I must add a disclaimer. Good things come in really big packages too! In this case, the small package is a $3,500.00 little black box about the size of my thumbnail. It attaches to a screw implanted in my […]

sibling saga


I am sure that many of you can relate to sibling sagas. I prefer the term saga than rivalry. But it’s basically the same thing: siblings who struggle to get along with each other (and that is putting it very mildly when you’re living it, let me tell ya)! When we brought home our Kevin […]

“Why is one nostril bigger than the other?”


That was the question I got over the weekend from my 7 year old son, Quan. We adopted Quan from China in 2007. He had a cl/cp. Both were repaired upon arriving home, he was in speech therapy until 2010, and he has done AMAZING. I know not every experience with cl/cp is this simple. […]