Southern Hospitality 2014 is underway

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  From Lifeline’s website: Our goal in this endeavor is to shower these children with love, introduce them to the culture of the southern United States, and provide them with some unique experiences. This event is also an important element in our on-going development of our orphanage partnerships in China. Through our partnership orphanages we …Read More

Find My Family: Rosie

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Adorable Rosie is 7 years old and is listed as deaf/unable to speak, postoperative congenital megacolon and completely precious. This beautiful girl is on Lifeline’s special focus list. This sweet child’s file is heartbreaking. When Rosie was 4 years old, she was diagnosed with abdominal distension, which was finally repaired. Her file clearly shows a …Read More

one-of-a-kind opportunity through Lifeline

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From Lifeline: Lifeline Children’s Services is excited to announce that we will be hosting twelve children from Kunming City, China as part of our first ever hosting program! The hosting program, “Southern Hospitality 2014”, will be held in Hattiesburg, MS on October 12-26, 2014. We are inviting families to join us in Hattiesburg to help …Read More

Find My Family: Dennis

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Update: My Family has found me! Dennis is a sweet 1 year old, designated as special focus with Lifeline Children’s Services through an orphanage partnership. His special need is Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Dennis is a curious little guy with a precious personality!! He is a tiny little peanut with the most amazing smile! Dennis is described …Read More

Aging Out Child: Pamela

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Pamela is 13 years old, listed as special focus with postoperative cleft lip and cleft palate repair, blood WBC slightly elevated higher; and otherwise healthy. She is designated to Lifeline Children’s Services. Pamela is said to be a clever, active, and outgoing child, who likes outdoor activity, games, and watching TV. She is helpful to …Read More

Find My Family: Ma Quan

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Ma Quan is a very handsome twelve year old boy. He is currently attending school, Quan has been in care since he was just a baby. Quan is Hepatitis B positive and has had no health issues. He is a happy, smart and developmentally on target boy. He loves to work puzzles and play games. …Read More

Lifeline waiting kids: Love Manor

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The following children are on Lifeline’s Love Manor list and can only be viewed on Lifeline’s website. For more information and to see these precious kiddos, visit their Love Manor page or email Logan Gibbons at Tallan – male, age 2, blood disorder. Tallan is a very curious and cute little boy. He can …Read More

Lifeline's current list

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Lifeline’s current list, with many new children, has just been posted over on the Children Who Wait page. Lifeline has 30 little ones on their list, contact if you’d like any more info


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By Anne, mom to Lizzie from China with clubfoot and a limb difference We had talked about adoption for many years and had actually started the process for a non special needs, infant girl from Korea when we found out we were pregnant with our fourth child (first girl). We were thrilled about our first …Read More

News from Lifeline re: switching agencies

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New Information Regarding Switching Agencies February, 2009 Families, We have been reading all the new posts regarding switching agencies. This is an exciting opportunity for families to unite more quickly with their children. With this information we want all of you to know that Lifeline Children’s Services is prepared and willing to help families who …Read More


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By Diane, mom to Tessa from China with imperforate anus In October 2005, we were in the midst of our adoption paperwork for our daughter Tessa. We were with one agency, but I continued to check the special needs lists of other agencies. We knew that God had called us to a special needs adoption, …Read More


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by Lisa, mom to Grace from China who is HepB+ My goodness. Where to begin. My husband and I were perfectly content with our life and the way our average sized family filled out our average sized home and average sized vehicle….life was sort of just bouncing along and then, there in my contented state, …Read More