It’s the little things

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It really is the little things that mean the most, don’t you think? I remember being in China last June and just studying Sunshine … all of the little bits and pieces of her that I didn’t have memorized. I didn’t realize that I had taken this for granted with the 2 older kids … […]

A letter to her first mother

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To her first mother: You are one of the most important people in my life, and I have never met you. You live somewhere halfway across the world, in a Chinese city called Fuzhou. You are our daughter’s first mother. You carried her under your heart for a precious 9 months, gave birth to her, […]


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Not the high school kind of graduation. Or even the middle school or elementary type. But this is a graduation that I am ecstatic to be celebrating with Sunshine – she has officially graduated from Physical Therapy! Although we expected she’d be somewhat physically delayed when we brought her home last June, we truly weren’t […]

a child’s perspective

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Even after being home from China for over 9 months, we still get the question, “So, how did your other kids handle the adoption?” Of course there was an adjustment process, I’d say there is still an ongoing adjustment process even now. But truthfully, in the beginning, the 2 older kids were infatuated. Obsessed even. […]

Cleft lip and palate as a “minor” special need


Her special need really wasn’t a “need”… in the beginning. Her cleft was quite minor and utterly adorable. Eating was terribly messy, and we had a lot of nonstop drool. And, I suppose when we were out in public, her cleft lip became more obvious and apparent as people stared. But I truly did not […]

Communicating through ASL


This has probably been a familiar scene at some point in your home … your young toddler child is sitting in the middle of the floor throwing a temper tantrum. Tears are streaming down her face, her nose is running and her hair is matted to her face. She’s kicking the floor and screaming … […]

welcome to Nicole


 I am excited to introduce our newest member of the No Hands But Ours team, Nicole. She is the mom of three, one from China with cleft lip and palate and, well, let me let her tell you herself… ___________________________________________________________________ I am so thrilled to be joining the No Hands But Ours guest blogger team!  […]