I took Jacob down to the bay a few days ago and it was as he tip toed into the water and began to play that I saw it ripples. And it occurred to me how his presence there and then in that moment on that bay was affecting change in the water. There were […]

He said IT


He said it. Granted, he said it in rage. he said it anger. But regardless of why he still said it…. You are not my mama. Looked me right in the eye and screamed it into my face You are NOT my mama. Been home a little over a year and that is what came […]

Measuring Progress


In just a few weeks, we will celebrate two years since our 3-year-old daughter’s Gotcha Day. In almost every way, it feels like Grace has been in our family since the very beginning of her life. She is not only fluent in English but has an advanced vocabulary (which she shows off in her Southern […]

Adopting the Older Child: Questions Answered


In the past 20 months since bringing home an older child, I have often been asked questions and a compilation of those along with my answers are below. I do answer emails sometimes, but when I don’t it is often lack of time. With this post, I hope to be able to answer some of […]

trust and pretty shoes


Trust is a funny thing.  You kind of don’t notice it, until it is gone… or was never there. I think the sword and shield is the universal symbol for “I don’t trust you yet!” Me:  Okay Ping, we have to run into my work for a second, then we will go home. Ping:  Okay. […]

Sleepless in Beijing


So the wife is currently in China, and I’m still here in Canada.The Wife, BigD (our 2nd eldest son) and our new son Lukai are about 5 days away from coming home.There have been a great many thing which I’ve learned over the last few weeks.  Some of them related to adoption, most related to […]

Oh no, they are just like me!


Waiting at midnight for StarCraft II to be released… Son #2 (D):  Daddy!  DAD!!!Me:  What?  Is something wrong?D:  No.  I just need to know how to say something.Me:  Oh, sure.  What are you trying to say?D:  Your mother has a smooth forehead.Me:  Your mother has a what?D:  It’s Klingon!Me:  Yes, I know that.  It’s also […]

Dear Cheeky, I Love You

Nine birthdays minus seven birthdays equals two birthdays. And Cheeky counts them. Last year. This year. Just as she counted her gifts this morning and noted that she had two more than she did on her eighth birthday. Does that mean we love her more now than we did then? Probably didn’t even cross her […]

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Chaos


Wife:  I have to head back to Winnipeg for a couple of weeks.Me:  Sure, no problem.  Here, let me help you pack the bags for the kids.Wife:  Oh no, the kids are staying here.Me:  hahahaa… oh, for a second there, I thought you said the kids were staying here.Wife:  They are.Me:  hahaha… oh, that’s funny. […]

Sink or Swim

Our daughter Ping has Spina Bifida.  Normally her Special Need doesn’t impact her day to day activities.  There have been the odd emergency trip to the Spina Bifida Clinic… and the numerous check ups, and test, and MRIs, and neurology type things… but other than that… her Spina Bifida has not been on the forefront […]