When The FEAR Sets In

I have so many ideas for post topics in my head. I have even started many times only to hit DELETE–DELETE–DELETE. I just can’t get the jumbled thoughts on paper or the blog-o-sphere. I think it is due to pregnant/paperchasing brain. Or maybe I just don’t want to put it out there. Yet. So. We […]

I prefer "Emotionally Challenged"

Wife:  So, what are you looking forward to most when we get our new baby?Me:  Uh…  I donno.Wife:  Okay, um, what colour do you think we should paint in their room?Me:  Uh… I donno.Wife:  Okay… what do you think about the new chainsaw?Me:  OH!  The new Huskvarana 21″ with dual clutching system?  With the bigger […]

There IS Loss

A recent post by TongguMomma has really had me thinking A.L.O.T. Right after I read her post, which I keep going back to just to read the comments, I received a very unexpected piece of mail. As in, snail mail, all the way from the East. Long story short, we had ordered a care package […]