Find My Family: Becca

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UPDATE: My family has found me!

Becca is a sweet little girl waiting for a family. She turned 3 in October and has Schizencephaly, a non-progressive brain abnormality.


Her original file states she had a hemangioma and rickets, both of which are non-issues now. She was reported to have delays, which turned out to be due to her schizencephaly. A new MRI was taken in December and the images were reviewed here in the U.S. by radiologists and a pediatric neurologist, this results are available to an interested family. She is diagnosed with the least severe form of schizencephaly, being unilateral and closed lip.

It is reported hat she has not had any seizures. She is mobile and walking. Her speech may be delayed, but it is believed that she should thrive with the love and care of a family and the necessary resources for the therapies she needs for her special need.


Becca is designated to BAAS as a special focus file. Contact them for more information.

Information on Schizencephaly:
NIH Information
Near His Heart A family who has adopted a child with this special need

Contact the Advocacy Team for questions regarding beginning the adoption journey.

What we’re reading Wednesday: links

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From the last few weeks, some good stuff we’ve read that relates to adoption and/or parenting a special needs child.

As always, if you are a traveling family, or have posted something, or read something, that you’d like to share here on No Hands But Ours, please let us know at

From the blog world:

Our very own Kam shares the story of finding her “Little Prince” – a little boy with a heart defect – after losing her son Seth, who also suffered from a heart defect.

Shonni, who blogs at Nations Around our Table, shares candidly about the grief experienced by many children after they are adopted, especially older children.

Rebecca, who blogs at In the Heart of our Home, recounts a recent visit to the neurologist. Rebecca’s son, Johnathan, has schizencephaly, which causes motor, cognitive, and speech delays, as well as paralysis or weakness and seizures. Johnathan also has some limb differences and underwent an amputation surgery to prepare his leg for a prosthetic. Rebecca shares honestly about the surgery, and his progress since then.

Our beloved Tonggu Momma writes candidly on a topic in which she is exceedingly well versed – attachment. A great read for all adoptive parents.

Jenna, from Many Colored Days, is mom to Cooper who came home from China with a heart defect. She shares her thoughts and frustration over the “lucky boy” comments she, and other adoptive families receive from others.

Emily, from Table for Seven, compares the process of adding a new child to your family through adoption to the grafting of a new branch onto an apple tree.

Anna, who blogs at Anything but LoKey, details her daughter Lily’s recent cleft palate surgery: cleft palate post one with pictures, and cleft palate post two – speech and teeth.

Alan, at Planet R-H, recently traveled to China for his new daughter. He has since compiled several lists for anyone preparing to head to China:
Travel Tips: Flying to China
Travel Tips: Packing
Travel Tips: Hong Kong

And Jessie at Play Create Explore, has some great ideas for attachment play for children aged 1 – 3.

From the news:

From MSNBC, China to ban names that signal ‘orphan’ status“The Ministry of Civil Affairs plans to issue new regulations to prohibit orphanages from using naming conventions that make it easy for other Chinese speakers to guess that an individual is an orphan—leading to lifelong stigma.”

Traveling Families:

And lastly, if you’re like all of us around here, you’ll want to take a few moments (or hours!) and travel vicariously with these families currently in China to bring home their kids.

The Kratzer Family
Laughter Love and Family