next shared list

Next shared list will be released June 22, 2010. Which also means that the files that were newly released on May’s list (who have not been locked by an LID family), will now be released for non-LID families to consider… Exciting news for all waiting families! Please do share if you have received your referral […]

next shared list

A new shared listing is expected on May 19, 2010. Wonderful news for families waiting to be matched! If you have been matched off the shared list recently, feel free to share in the comments and I’ll add a link to your blog… we’d all love to hear your news Congratulations to the new families!Amy […]

next shared list

It is anticipated that the next batch of SN files will be added to the shared list on April 21st. Congratulations to all the families that are soon- to- be matched!

next shared list

A new shared list is expected to be released tonight. Exciting news for anyone hoping to be matched with a waiting child!

shared list changes

March 8, 2010 The CCAA has made an announcement regarding the process in which families will be able to lock in files of children on the shared list. From the statement, the CCAA addresses the frustration of agencies to be able to lock in files for families already LID, due to the overwhelming traffic when […]

word from CCAA

**update ~ a second agency has also confirmed this statement from the CCAA regarding the individual lists. This agency will be sending their individual files back to the CCAA very shortly ** We have recently learned of an agency that is stating that the CCAA will no longer be designating agency specific lists. This means […]

Shared list

A new list of children was released last night on the shared listing!