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Why? Some of you might know me from my personal blog, Ni Hao Y’all. But I am sure many more of you do not. So a quick run down is in order, lest there be some confusion as I share my story. Our story. My husband and I met in 1997, each having endured a …Read More

our first winner!

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Congratulations to Jill from Life at Killeny Glen! You’re our first Wild Olive Tees winner! Contact me at stefanie@wildolivetees.com and I’ll hook you up with the shirt of your choice. Thanks for playing, everyone! We’ll have another winner next week… And the next!

good stuff

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Amie and I are buds. We’ve partnered up on a few things, God-led things. One is No Hands But Ours, and the other is Wild Olive. Since she and I both have a passion for both, we came up with a way to combine the two… For the next five weeks, we’ll be giving away …Read More


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Are we making adoption too hard? Too overwhelming? Too complicated? I make an effort to read as much as I can about adoption, specifically trans racial adoption. Being the mom of 4, almost 5, Chinese children, I think it’s part of my job description to be informed and aware. And I’ve been reading a lot …Read More

contributing blogger mommas!

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If you haven’t noticed yet, take a look to the left and check out all our new contributors! We’ve asked some fellow blogging moms to join us here at the No Hands But Ours blog to share their thoughts on the journey of being a mom. I can. not. wait. to read all the posts …Read More

Travel Alert issued by the US Department of State

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Seems that precautionary measures might pick up in China as the winter approaches in order to slow the transmission of the H1N1 virus. Although situations where Americans have been quarantined have diminished since September, those numbers might rise again as we head into the winter months. The US Department of State warns travelers that children …Read More

A Helping Hand

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A Helping Hand Adoption Agency has updated their current list of waiting children.Additionally, they are participating in the CCAA’s “Trip of Hope” program. Read more here. For more information, contact:Dana Woods: dana@worldadoptions.org

New Protocol for TB Testing

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There is newly released protocol for TB testing, dated September 18, 2009.It applies to children age 10 and younger.Visit here for more info.

story in LA Times

September 20, 2009 by nohandsbutours Stefanie 2 Comments

Chinese babies stolen by officials for foreign adoptionBy Barbara Demick :: September 20, 2009 The man from family planning liked to prowl around the mountaintop village, looking for diapers on clotheslines and listening for the cry of a hungry newborn. One day in the spring of 2004, he presented himself at Yang Shuiying’s doorstep and …Read More

HTS news

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Amazing news from Half The Sky… they have received special permission from CCAA and are seeking very special homes for three very special girls with very complex heart conditions. Read more here.

New list posted

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AAI (Adoption Advocates International) has a new list posted on the Children Who Wait page!

"Portrait of a Family"

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Click here to watch an incredibly sweet video about a family that adopted a boy from China. And not a minute too soon.

Homeland's XingFu Program

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Homeland Adoption Services has just received an invitation to place a large number of waiting children from Shanghai. Homeland’s clinical director, Nancy Reffsin, will be traveling there in a few weeks to see the children and gather information. Once she returns, the matching will begin. Families who wish to be considered for the children must …Read More