Completely Natural


My virtual twins are thick as thieves. And they act like an old married couple. The bond they share is amazing to behold. They actually have the same type of relationship that biological twins do. The way God has grafted their two little hearts together is most amazing. With this relationship comes lots and lots […]

waiting child highlight: Lifeline


The following waiting children are all listed with Lifeline. Please contact them for more information. Collin Male age 3 years, left auditory meatus, aural deformity, left facial paralysis, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH are low, suggest thalassemia test. Collin is such a sweet little boy who is described as being quiet and shy. Collin likes watching […]

agency closings

Two adoption agencies that have been a part of the China Special Needs program – Christian World Adoption and Homeland Adoption Services – have recently announced that they are regretfully closing their doors. The additional expenses agencies incurred to comply with the Hague Convention, the floundering economy and the recent ban on Russian adoptions have […]

The visit

pic 1

I’ve had occasion to look at the photos from the day we visited Mimi’s orphanage. Due to a computer snafu, I hadn’t seen these pics for quite a while. I’m not sure where God is leading me in this little trip down memory lane. Certainly there is something to be learned by seeing them and […]

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Being a "Special Needs" Parent

So this past weekend, I was driving the car, listening to the Moth story hour on NHPR and feeling lucky. I love the Moth (true stories told live). Hell, I have a story I want to tell the Moth. (The Pringle Fairy.) But mostly, I love that what I expected to be a chore—a half-hour’s […]

Half a Year Ago in Kunming


We met one sad, scared little boy. This passport photo was taken maybe thirty minutes after that traumatic first meeting.  I sat him on the stool in front of the white curtain, my arm on his back to make sure he didn’t fall.  “Smile!” I said in a cheery sing-song voice.  Although an appropriate thing […]

Wednesday (ok, Thursday. Again.) Links

In China, and desperately missing their washer/dryer (we can all get that!): the family of Okkar Life. Follow the Chryst family, and their delicious toddler, as she recovers from her first cleft surgery and prepares for the second in November. And see if you agree with Dr. Jane Aronson that “The Trouble With International Adoption […]


Rory is loud. I have written about this before, but I feel that I cannot possibly have really conveyed what I meant by loud. When I say Rory, who will be six this week, and who has been with us for just over two years, is loud, I mean LOUD. I mean loud at every […]

Thursday Links (Just Like Wednesday Links, Only…Later.)

The links are belated today because—there’s a really good reason—wait for it—I forgot it was Wednesday. Travel vicariously with the Jones’ and the Westhavens, in China now, and with the Bergey Dad—warning, if you read through the lines of the Bergey’s pictures, you may weep for the foster parents, saying goodbye to a child they […]

Wednesday Links

FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) is considered rare among China adoptees, but the family at Blue Willow Girl has finally realized what they’re dealing with, and they wonder if more parents out there should consider the possibility. And although this is a family who’ve adopted from Ethiopia, not China, this post on life “after the airport” […]