Language Lessons, Life Lessons, and One Unfortunate Pig


I knew, based on research, that XiXi would lose his ability to speak Mandarin.  I knew that on a logical, cognitive level, but on a deeper level, I had a hard time really believing it.  Or at least believing that it would happen as quickly as researchers said it would, 12 weeks.  Twelve weeks to […]

Wednesday (ok, Thursday) Links

I love this post from Cornbread and Chopsticks both for its commentary on “special” and needs (in this case, unusual hands and feet) and really for its reminder about our kids’ extra-sensitive little hearts. A fellow AP living in Shanghai finds an abandoned (probably special needs) baby. A must-read for a rare glimpse into a […]

The Pattern Trap


I’ve been re-reading some old blog and journal entries from our first weeks home with Rory. Mostly, I’m seeing how amazingly far we’ve come (and how painful it was to get there). But then there was this, taken from an incident just two months after we came home from China. (Because of her foster home, […]

What We’re Reading Wednesday: Links

Follow the Bergeys as Mom Selina and youngest (China) daughter travel to China to bring home their newest, almost 14-year-old daughter. They’ve just met, and they’ve still got their week in Guangzhou to go. I couldn’t stop reading. Branda at Days Made of Now has been home just one week with her 8-year-old daughter. Reading […]

Hey, Jealousy: The Virtual Twin Thing


Wyatt popped out of the pool with the traditional summer blue quivering lips and begged for his towel. “Can I sit on your lap?” I beckoned him in, and he settled, warm and damp, with me in the deck chair. I turned to the friend I was with and sighed. “Twenty seconds,” I said. “What?” […]

ASIA – new list posted

… these kiddos need to find their forever families. New list from ASIA includes 3 year old twin girls. Some of the children even have $5000 grants available. Visit our Children Who Wait page for more details.

Whatever Wednesday Links

This large family (4 adoptions and two bios, all young and all fantastic) is helping one of their girls through her fourth surgery for the burns and head injuries she had when she came home: Oatsvall Team It’s a case of special needs being greater than the family expected, but not, as it turns out, […]



We met our son XiXi in China three months ago. It’s a trite expression but truly, I can’t remember what it was like before he came. He’s blended so seamlessly into our family and community. There are many things I can attribute this to, but one of the biggest is that he observes and then […]

Wednesday’s Whatever: Links We Like

A few things that caught our attention this week: A fantastic site “Redefining Spina Bifida,” which is exactly what the blogger’s kids (with and without the disorder) do every day: Spina Bifida Kids I’m linking to this entire site because of its beauty and fantastic photography, but scroll down a few posts to read about […]

Everything in a Name


What’s in a name? Everything.Every thought your parents had about who you might be. A goodly dose of who your father’s family was, and possibly, depending on your circumstances, your mother’s as well. If you’re adopted, what’s in a name? Maybe everything, maybe nothing. Casually (as in the non-legal name you’d give, say, a gymnastics […]