Gōng Xǐ Fā Cái


Chinese New Year begins today. It starts with the New Moon on the first day of the new year and ends on the full moon 15 days later. From Family Fun: “The celebration of the 2011 Chinese New Year begins on February 3. Most significant festivity of the traditional Chinese holidays. This holiday is partially […]

new summer hosting program

From Cradle of Hope, some very exciting news about a brand new summer hosting program called “China Bridge of Hope”… Dear Friends,We are thrilled to announce that the CCAA has agreed to allow Chinese orphans to participate in our Bridge of Hope hosting program this summer! This will be the first time that Chinese children […]

Be My, Be My Baby


Last week, inspired by lots of things–one parenting guru (Vicki Hoefle, of Parenting on Track, whose cult I am totally joining), one excellent book that purports to be about parenting the ADHD child, but is really about examining your parenting style in the middle of your kid’s childhood and figuring out who you really want […]

The Journey


About 4 weeks ago we made the decision to adopt again. We sent in our LOI on 10/21 for a precious little girl we have named Bella. On 10/27 we received our PA. Earlier this week I posted a story on my blog of how my husband and I made the decision to adopt another […]

‘Member? ‘Member, Mommy?

Rory is bothered by conversation. She’s largely a native English speaker, since she grew up understanding and speaking more English than Chinese (she was raised in a large foster home with American parental figures and Chinese nannies), but the ebb and flow of conversation still goes over her head, and she’s hampered by a natural […]

National Adoption Month – a word from the White House

Check out the Presidential Proclamation here.

Sorry For My Absence ….

I really hope this is still my day to post … I am so sorry for my slacking !!! I will tell you that we have brought home two amazing young angels from Uganda about 4 months ago and yet another journey began … I have often said this to many people, but when you […]

Confessions of a Paranoid Parent


When we adopted our daughter in the summer of 2006, I’d only stared at her picture for 2 months and one day before I was able to hold her in my arms.  We saw her picture on May 23rd and met her in Nanning on July 24th.  During that time, we were so busy buying […]

Salt and Light

For the past couple of days I have been thinking about what I wanted to post here. Was it a funny story about one of my kids?Was it about Luke’s MRI?Was it about Ava’s recent transition into good behavior? No. I wanted to do something more basic. Maybe answer a simple question that gets asked […]

Lilah’s turn


Read more about sweet Lilah on our family stories page. And please consider sharing your story with us. If you’ve adopted a special needs child from China, we’d love to add yours to our family stories page as well! It’s a huge encouragement to families considering special needs to be able to read about other […]