rumors in the SN program

We’ve recently heard some unconfirmed rumors about the possibility of increased flexibility in the SN program by the CCAA. Specifically, in regards to marital status and financial status for people interested in adopting older children or children with multiple special needs. This could potentially be wonderful news for many prospective families. We’d love to hear […]

Perfect Timing

When my husband and I were engaged  (and ridiculously young), we talked about our plans for the future and for the family we someday hoped to raise. We mentioned adoption and sure, we agreed,  adoption was great, but to be honest, we viewed it as Option B.  You know, just in case Option A didn’t […]

Life As A House

Anyone seen that movie? It was released in 2001 and the premise of the movie was about rebuilding. Not just a house but about family, faith, relationships, etc. I often reflect back on that movie. Because our son Luke’s story is also a story of rebuilding. But the rebuild was not all about him. Yes, […]

The One Thing Rory Doesn’t Have That Her Siblings Do, Still.

Friends. That’s not entirely accurate–Rory has friends at school, and she has plenty of kids her age who come over often and romp through our house for various family events and family playdates–but she has no friends of her very own, who would invite her and only her over for a playdate or…the ultimate…a birthday […]



When I was pregnant with our third child, our second daughter, I made a mistake not uncommon to mothers who encourage free thinking in their children, free thinking in principle at least. I asked the kids what they’d like to name their sister. At ages 8 and 5, they were short in stature, short in […]

Grandfathered I-600As

News from The Center for Adoption Policy regarding grandfathered I-600As. Posted on March 2, 2010. March 2, 2010. Limitations on Grandfathered I-600As. CIS has posted on its website a Q and A detailing the rules pertaining to grandfathered I-600As. This is relevant for families who were in the adoption process prior to April 1, 2008 […]

How Can I Adopt A Precious – Maggie, Josie Love, Abe, or Liam ?

This post has been written in my head for over a year and it is just time to write it … The problem is I am truly writing it to the choir, but my heart has been aching lately and I need to cleanse my heart … I will never forget bringing Emily home (our […]

Choosing Your Child…SN Adoption…My Thoughts and Experiences


This post originally ran on my blog last August. The response to it was so strong that I felt I should post it here as well. I am writing this post because I have been contacted by several Moms who were in this place in their journey. The place where you are looking at the […]

Happy Gotcha Day, Miss Vivi!


Miss Vivi is finally right where she belongs, in her mama’s arms!If you haven’t already, please run on over to Stefanie’s blog and leave them some love. And check out the video of Miss Vivi while you are there! It will make your heart smile!

A Promise Received

Another little one is an orphan no more. Miss Jubilee Promise is finally with her forever family!! If you don’t know Linny(a contributing writer for No Hands but Ours), and the story of their Journey to Miss Jubilee Promise, I beg of you to head on over to A Place Called Simplicity and take some […]