One of Millions


When my oldest was in kindergarten, each child in his class was assigned a number and asked to show that amount. If they had the number 50, they could bring in 50 M&M’s or 50 marshmallows, or 50 whatever. Somehow we landed the big kahuna–one thousand. My son hopped with excitement, waving his paper in […]

a few ideas


I’ve spent the last month working up a Christmas list. Not of my own ideas, but of ideas from other moms. It’s been really fun, and even more than that, it’s been really interesting. I’ve found some things I had no idea were out there: some I just had to have… and some others I […]

Giveaway Winner!


This weeks Giveaway winner is The Womble Times! Head on over to and pick out a tee. Then email with your design choice, fit, size as well as your mailing address. If you would like to get in on the action too, become a follower of the No Hands But Ours blog, and […]

new lists

The Children Who Wait page has been updated HERE. Wasatch has received a new private list and CHSFS has added some additional profiles to their list.

Holt International

Holt has over 75 kiddos on their “East Asia” (which means China) Waiting Child page. Some are new referrals and some have been waiting a long time, all need to find their forever families! Check out Holt’s website, which has a photolisting and a small bio on each child, HERE.