waiting child highlight: twelve is terrific!

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Archer, born October 2002, is a charismatic boy, who was not shy when our staff (WACAP) saw him on a trip. He seemed to enjoy having an audience, and performed some cartwheels and breakdance moves! Caregivers report he loves all sports, but especially basketball. Archer is deaf, and does not speak. He attends a boarding school for the deaf Monday through Friday, and has learned simple sign language. With orphanage caregivers he uses gestures and body language to communicate. They say he cannot read lips, but he was very skilled at sensing what our staff was asking him to do and responding appropriately. When not at school, Archer lives in a foster family unit in an apartment at the orphanage. A married couple cares for 5-6 children of various ages. His foster mother reports he is a big help with the other children, and voluntarily helps her with cleaning and chores. He is also a carrier of a blood condition, though it is not active. Archer is a happy boy with a great laugh, who would surely blossom in a family of his own.


Jack, born November 2002, is a tall, handsome boy, who does well in school. Caregivers report he is a helpful boy who listens and obeys when adults give him directions. Currently he lives in a foster family, where he has been since 2004. Though he appears serious in the photos from our staff’s (WACAP) recent trip, they report he has a warm smile that they got to see before he left the room. It is reported that he loves group activities like hide-and-seek and ball games, and also enjoys riding a bicycle. Though he likes to play, especially pretending to be a policeman, this mature pre-teen really enjoys interacting with adults and those older than him. Jack has a sensitive need, which he had surgery for in 2013. It was mostly successful, and he has continued to improve since then. He is determined to make more progress! He has good self-care abilities.

Updated Photo 2

Both Archer and Jack recently participated in WACAP’s Journey of Hope camp. WACAP staff would be happy to share more pictures and videos of this special time upon request.

Photo 1

Updated Photo 1

Archer and Jack each have a $4000 grant available to qualified families to help complete their adoptions. For more information, please contact the Advocacy Team or WACAP.

find my family: Quinn

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Quinn, born May 2010, is adored by everyone because of his sweet smile, chubby face, and polite manners. When he sees a caretaker who has been gone for a few days, he will tell them how he missed them.

A curious child, he wants to learn and explore new things, and asks lots of “Why” questions. He often surprises adults by saying something more mature than his age, such as “How come my teacher is not here yet? Maybe she’s sick? Or is visiting her mother?” Whatever he does, he is completely focused, whether it’s a craft, playing with a toy, or listening to a story.


He’s very good at remembering landmarks, and knows where he is by identifying a building or statue. He loves to play outdoors on the slide and swings, though his favorite activity is soccer. Currently he knows colors, shapes, and names of common objects. He can count to ten, and tell a story by looking at pictures in a book. He is also getting English lessons one-on-one with a teacher, and has learned the names of some animals, colors, and objects. Quinn has a sensitive special need.

Currently, Quinn’s file is with WACAP and has a $4000 grant for qualified families. Please contact the NHBO Advocacy Team or WACAP to learn more about Quinn. He is an amazing little guy!

waiting child highlight: WACAP

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Two precious children – who don’t even have a specific special need – waiting for their forever family to find them. Both are on WACAP’s designated list and have a $2000 grant for qualified families.

Juliet, born April 2002, can be a little shy in unfamiliar settings, but once you get to know her she warms right up! She is talkative with people she knows, and loves to share her unique opinions on things.


She is attending school, and her handwriting is neat and beautiful, however, she does have trouble focusing in class sometimes. Caregivers feel she is smart, but sometimes “tunes out.” She does keep up in class, and is learning more and more Chinese characters, and doing well in math. Though her test scores aren’t the best, she finishes her homework on time. She is independent in daily life, and hasn’t had any major illnesses.


Elliot, born May 2005, is a bright and clever boy, who laughs often and gets along well with other children. He is attending primary school, where he has learned to write more than 50 Chinese characters and do addition and subtraction within 50. He was found at two months old, and sent to a foster family in December 2006.


A sensible and obedient boy, he often helps his foster parents with chores. As a baby he only liked sweet food, but his tastes have expanded, and he’s no longer a picky eater, enjoying rice, noodles, and all kinds of meat and vegetables. Though his file initially listed a diagnosis of repaired cleft lip, an update from earlier this year clarified that he was not born with cleft lip! He fell in March 2007 and split his lip; his foster parents put medicine on it and it healed in a few days, but left a scar. He is considered otherwise healthy.


For more information on Juliet or Elliot, please contact the NHBO Advocacy Team or email WACAP.

waiting child highlight: Oh, those boys!

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Many people not familiar with China adoptions are surprised to find out that approximately 75% of children waiting to be adopted in China are, in fact, boys. There are many factors that have caused this staggering number of boys to wait…some of them for a really long time. As the mom of 3 amazing boys, that saddens me. Yes, boys can be stinky, loud, rambunctious, grocery-eating machines! But they can also be compassionate, loyal, protective and hilariously funny! Yep…those stinky boys totally have my heart!

Brayden, born November 2012, is a quiet little boy, but he loves listening to music! You can hear him laugh out loud, especially when playing with toys that make sound. He is a good sleeper, and has begun to have other food with his milk at meal times.

Photo 2

As of September 2013, he could raise his head while lying on his stomach and roll over on his own. He could pick up small objects like beans, reach for toys beyond his grasp, and pass a toy from one hand to the other. He would also turn when his name was called, and express “no”. He was able to differentiate between strangers and caretakers, and react appropriately to adults’ facial expressions. Brayden was born with a cleft lip on one side, but no cleft palate, and a heart condition. He also has one eyelid that droops.

Photo 3

Ezra, born May 2008, is outgoing little boy with a great smile! He can be a little shy in front of strangers though. He was born with a difference in one leg, but he can stand without support, and moves himself around easily by jumping on one foot while using his hands to push off the ground.

IMG_6381 small

He has excellent language skills, and can ask questions and express his needs. He has been attending classes at the orphanage, and gets along well with other kids, though he’s occasionally stubborn. He likes watching cartoons and playing on the swings. WACAP staff saw Ezra in 2011, so there are many extra photos and videos of Ezra!

There is a $4000 grant available to a qualified family that chooses to use WACAP to complete Ezra’s adoption.

Updated Photo 1 small

For more information on Brayden and Ezra, please contact the NHBO Advocacy Team or email Lindsey at WACAP. What a joy these boys will bring to a very special family!

waiting child highlight: WACAP

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Oh the cuteness of these sweet little ones!

Taylor, born October 2012, was found at one month old. He was sent to a foster home in December 2012 where he developed well. By November 2013, he could crawl quickly, can stand while holding onto something, and pick up small items with his thumbs and fingers. At that time, he wasn’t speaking yet, but caretakers felt he was still young and would learn in the future, and that his cognitive development is normal.

photo 2

He’s outgoing, but occasionally shy. An easygoing child, he’s happy when nannies play with him, and will smile at them while tilting his head to the side. If he is unhappy, a cuddle from a nanny calms him quickly, as cuddling is his favorite thing! Taylor has a 45 X karyotype and a sensitive need.

photo 3

Taylor’s file is currently with WACAP. There is a $4000 grant for families who qualify to assist with this adoption.

And look at these cheeks! This is Grayson, born November 2012. He is a quiet little boy who is fond of his caretakers. He had some muscle tension when he was first admitted to the orphanage, but after treatment that is much improved. When he was 11 months old, he could crawl on his hands and knees, and would play on the ground with other children. When in the baby walker, he can get quite far! The nannies feel he needs exercise, and have him practice crawling often.

photo 3 (1)

He knows the caretaker who takes care of him the most, and will call “dad” though it’s not clear. He’ll smile when nannies tease him, and loves to be held. When they introduced solid foods he had indigestion, so at 11 months he was still just having milk. Grayson was born with a form of spina bifida, as well as hydrocephalus, and has had surgery for each when he was just a few months old. We’d love to request an update for an interested family to see how he’s doing now!

photo 5

Grayson’s file is also with WACAP. There is a $2000 grant available to families who qualify to assist with this adoption.

Please contact the Advocacy Team or Elizabeth at WACAP for more information on beginning the journey to bring one of these precious boys home.

Find my Family: Joseph

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Joseph is JOYFUL! Can’t you see?

Every picture seems to capture the way his whole face lights up when he smiles!

Photo 1

Joseph recently turned 5 years old. He is active, extroverted and energetic. The fact that he is a happy boy and gets along well with others has been notated in his file more than once. Joseph loves to play outdoors. He also enjoys looking at picture books, playing games, and playing with toys. An electric car tops the list as his favorite.


Joseph was born with cleft lip and cleft palate. He has already received surgery for his lip, however his palate has not been repaired. Although his pronunciation is sometimes unclear, Joseph is on track with his language development and has a good vocabulary. His hearing is normal, and he has had no ear infections. Some of Joseph’s teeth have been affected by his cleft.

You can read some information about CL/CP as well as a list of informative, real life blogs right here on this site.

Joseph is currently on WACAP’s designated list through an orphanage partnership. He is considered Special Focus. WACAP actually met Joseph during a recent visit, and they have more pictures available to interested families. They would love to request an update on his development for a potential family as well! Please contact the Advocacy Team or Elizabeth for more information on beginning the journey to bring joyful Joseph home.

Find My Family: Poppy

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Meet Poppy who was born September of 2003. She is an extroverted, active girl who gets along well with other children. She shares her food and toys with other kids, and adapts well to new people and situations. Poppy has mild CP which affects her right hand but she can use her left hand to eat with a spoon, undress, and wash her face. Her gross motor skills are not affected, she can walk, run, jump, and go up and down stairs without help. She lives with a foster family, she often helps her foster mother with chores like drying clothes in the sun or cleaning the floor. She is also diagnosed with epilepsy and doctors advised taking medication.


Could this precious little girl be yours? If you want to learn more about her contact WACAP. There is a $4000 grant available.

Find My Family: Finley

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Ten year old Finley is a healthy, quiet, introverted boy who spent his first several years in another institute before coming to his current orphanage in August 2012. Despite this big transition, he is doing very well! He is close to his caretaker and roommates, and likes playing with the other children and watching TV. He is attending school at the orphanage, and does well in class, obeying the rules and listening carefully. He is a helpful boy who will often assist the teacher by sweeping the floor or cleaning the blackboard. The orphanage feels that because he didn’t have early education, his performance is just average and he learns a little slower than his peers. However, they also feel that his language and writing are excellent! He can do simple math, and has even learned some basic greetings and names of fruits in English. His motor skills are all normal; he can run and use the stairs, pick up small objects with chopsticks, and draw geometric figures. He can sing songs, and recite Tang Dynasty poetry, though his pronunciation isn’t always proper. He can do all his daily care tasks of dressing, eating, and bathing, but this little boy still longs to be adopted. He hopes he can have a caring family!


Finley had a small hemangioma or lipoma on the back of his neck, but it receded without treatment. He is now a healthy little boy whose greatest need is for his family to find him.


Finley is currently on WACAP’s designated list. There is a $4000 grant available for families who qualify to assist with this adoption. Contact the advocacy team for more information on beginning the adoption journey.

Find My Family: Grace with WACAP

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Update: My family has found me!

This sweet little face belongs to Grace. Although her nannies describe her as timid and shy, she gets along well with others and is said to be energetic. She is six years old. She loves to listen to music, read books, and play with toys,. Dolls happen to be her favorite and she likes to play hide and seek. Grace has been diagnosed with CHD, specifically VSD and pulmonary hypertension. Her height, weight, and physical development are consistent with most other kids with a similar diagnosis. Test results and images are available for her family to see, as well as a video. On paper, her condition can seem bleak. The reality is that she needs a family soon. A family that is willing to love in spite of the risk. A family that knows this child is more than medical test results and papers in a file, but she is their very own beloved daughter.

Photo 1

Grace’s file is currently with WACAP and she has a $4,000 grant for qualified families. Please email WACAP for more information.

Photo 3

Plenty of resources and encouragement from families of other heart children are available. The following sites are great places to learn more about CHD:
Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital
Little Hearts
Kids With Heart
Congenital Heart Information Network Resources
China Heart Children Yahoo Group

To learn more about parenting a child with severe CHD, you can check out these family blogs:
His Hands, His Feet
Lori McCary

For more information on beginning the adoption journey, contact the Advocacy Team.

Find My Family: Zack

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Update: My Family has found me!

Zack is a very charismatic and outgoing boy who is usually very happy. He is a clear favorite of the nannies at his institute. He has a big personality and had the nannies laughing during one of his visits with us. He is described as being very smart by his caregivers. The first time we met him, he recited a poem for us that was in Classic Chinese from memory (the equivalent of Shakespearean English – with a number of old words that are not in common use). He is currently in school and is described as very bright. Zack especially enjoys music and science. He recently received an award recently for creativity as well as one for his inventions. One of his inventions was a pen with a light so that when the power isn’t available you can continue your work. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up he said an historian. Zack is very friendly and outgoing and he has a lot of friends at school and the orphanage. He is the “host” of his school and hosts many programs at school. He gets along very well with everyone. He enjoys reading and likes to read books in his free time.


Zack is very short for his age and his caregivers believe he has either mucopolysacchardosis IV or spondyloepiphysealdysplasia (both are forms of dwarfism). Zack’s legs are in an X-shape with his knees together. He is able to climb stairs on his own and walk and run. Although his legs are shaped differently and he is short, he insists on doing things himself and is able to take care of his own needs.

Photo 2

There is a $4000 Promise Child Grant available to families who qualify to assist with the cost of this adoption. Contact WACAP for more information on adopting him.

Waiting child highlight: Cerebral Palsy

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All of these waiting children are listed with WACAP, contact them for more information or to review their files.

Jonathan is described by his nannies as an “adorable child who always has a smile on his face.” He was born July of 2008. He’s very curious about new things, out-going and friendly and never fights with other children. He gets along very well with the other children and likes to share his food and toys with others. Jonathan is diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy, which affects his legs slightly, but he doesn’t let it slow him down. He used to have physical therapy, but he doesn’t have it currently. He walks, runs, goes up and down stairs, and joins in with all of the activities that his teachers organize. He plays with blocks, holds a pen, traces numbers, and colors pictures. He’s been living with a “stimulating family” since September 2013, and attending kindergarten at the institute. His teacher says that he has learned to sing children’s songs and ancient poems. When he was younger, Jonathan’s speech was unclear, and now his teacher reports that it’s greatly improved. He tries to pronounce words right when people correct his pronunciation. Now when he speaks a sentence only one or two words may not be very clear. This little boys’ favorite toys are cars and blocks; he’s also fond of pretending to feed small toy animals with a spoon. There is a $4000 grant available for families who qualify to assist with this adoption.

Photo 7

Marcus is a darling four year old little guy, who appears very bright and inquisitive. He is not afraid of strangers. He likes to turn the pages of books, playing with toy cars. His caregivers say he likes to strike a “handsome” pose with his hand on his hair and his chin tilted up. His motor skills and cognitive abilities appear to be normal, though some of his speech is still unclear. Marcus can say many words, with only an occasional word or two that’s hard to understand. He has increased muscle tone in his fingers and left hand and in his lower limbs, and slightly drags his left foot when he walks (he has a normal plantar reflex with this foot). We were advised that he’s missing a piece of his skull bone in the area on head to the right of the midline, about 4 ½ cm wide and 2 cm long. His head circumference is 47.5 cm. His nannies feel that there are no noticeable differences in his behavior or development; that he can do what the other kids can, and they describe him as basically “normal.” There is a $4000 grant available for eligible families to assist with this child’s adoption.


Maggie, born December 2002, likes to read and chat with her friends. She’s described as a smart little girl who is often smiling brightly. Maggie has cerebral palsy and has received a surgery at the base of her spine. Maggie attends a special school at the orphanage where she receives rehabilitation training. She’s made great progress and is able to do a lot of things on her own, taking care of dressing and other daily needs without help. Her report says she’s a “strong” girl who is doing as well as her peers at the special school. She’s been living in a foster home for the last five years. Because it isn’t easy for her to walk quickly, she uses a wheelchair to get to class. Are you the family who is ready to help her thrive? There is a $4000 Promise Child Grant available for families who qualify to assist with this adoption.

Photo 1

Jillian is described as a pretty, smart, and obedient girl by her caregivers. She is clever and active and fairly extroverted. One of her favorite things is to play with her Barbie doll. She also enjoys listening to music and playing games. Jillian attends a special school at her orphanage for children with physical disabilities. She was born with cerebral palsy and has had surgery to the base of her spine. At first, due to her special need, she was unable to walk. Now she is able to walk with the help of a ladder back frame. Her left hand works better than her right hand, so she uses her left hand for most activities. She is continuing to receive rehabilitative therapy to help her improve. She is able to care for most of her own daily needs. She is currently living in a foster home where she does well. Jillian needs to be home with her family before she turns fourteen in February of 2015, when she’s no longer eligible for adoption. There is a $4000 Promise Child Grant available for families who qualify to assist with this adoption.

Photo 1

Evan has been in institutional care since he was 2 years old. After reading his file, you might imagine what it would be like to be his parent. He’s a polite boy who’ll greet your guests and welcome them into your home. When you ask him what happened in school today he’ll tell you with a slight smile that he was praised by his teachers again. He’ll welcome a snack and a large glass of milk—he loves fruit like apples, bananas, pears, and watermelon, but he’s also enthusiastic about rice, noodles and meats. When it’s time for homework he’s motivated and finishes on time without being reminded. He’s a little shy, quiet and introverted, but just ask him about his favorite TV program “Animal World” and he opens up. If you want to hear him laugh out loud then get out the remote cars and watch him race them. If it’s raining out maybe he’d like to work on a puzzle with you. This is a boy with focus and patience who needs a work space to build his model ships, and he’ll clean it up when he’s finished. His appreciation of nature is reflected in his drawings of animals, flowers and grass. When you come into his room you’ll see his bed neatly made with the quilt all folded up. His clothes will be washed, his shoes clean and the floor will be swept. Evan has a slight difference in his upper right arm with a weaker grip in his right hand which doesn’t affect his daily life, so he’s never received physical therapy for it. There is a $4000 grant available for families who qualify to assist with this adoption.

Xin Yong Li (7)

For more information in beginning the adoption journey, contact The Advocacy Team.

Find My Family: Mary

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update: Mary is now on the shared list

Mary, six years old in 2013, is an active, beautiful little girl who gets along well with others. She came into care at the age of 5, and was found to be a normal, healthy little girl who was developmentally on target. She adapted to the orphanage life quickly. She was tested after being at the orphanage a few months, and they said she had “clear pronunciation, fluent, restless, no abnormal action, flexible hands and feet, understand general objects and use of some objects, poor initiative action.” She can speak in full sentences, understands directions, cares for her needs, helps out with the children younger than she is, and is a delightful little girl.


Though she has some cognitive delays, she can read picture books and simple children’s songs and can express her needs. She likes going to kindergarten and knows the names of the children in her classroom. She can walk, run and jump freely, go up and down stairs, dress and undress herself and often helps other children. She is a happy child who likes playing games. There is a $4,000 Promise Child grant for eligible families for this adoption. Please contact a waiting child case manager at ckids@wacap.org for more information.


She attends school and lives at a fantastic foster home where she is known as Molly. She loves to play games, loves to go to school, and is a very happy little girl. An American therapist at the foster home reports: “She is still a bit delayed on verbalizing and communicating. She sometimes does and sometimes doesn’t. Intensive speech therapy will be very beneficial for her. Her biggest deficit right now is still slightly delayed in fine motor skills and her main focus had been verbalizing.”


Contact WACAP for more information on Mary. She will make a sweet Valentine and a delightful addition to any family!


Contact the Advocacy Team for more information on beginning the adoption journey.

waiting child highlight: older children

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This article by Love Without Boundaries explains the great need for older child adoption. Highlighted below are three orphans waiting for a family. Could one of them perhaps be yours?


Born in March of 2000, Gideon is a very talented athlete. His favorite sport is swimming and he won a medal at the Special Olympics in 2008. He also rollerblades quite well and won an award in that too! Not surprisingly, his favorite class in school is P.E. He wants to be a policeman when he grows up. Gideon has some clouding on his left eye, also known as Pearl Eye. He can see out of both eyes, but his vision through his affected eye is not very clear. His orphanage sends him to special education classes, but they say that his intelligence is normal – they send him to special education only because they are unable to send all of the children from the institute to the normal school. He is not very good at math, but is very good in all other areas. He gets along well with other children and is helpful to the caregivers in the orphanage. He says that he is a little shy, but he was very friendly and happy to talk with us! Gideon would make a wonderful son to a very lucky family. Updated information from July of 2013 states that Gideon looks strong and tough on the outside but is actually very nice and docile on the inside. He is longing for a family of his own. Each time a close friend leaves for a family in the US, he prepares a small gift for him. He gets along well with other children and is always caring to small brothers and sisters. He is in good health and very strong. He is eager to learn and is now doing well in language and math and is very interested in studying nature. His only issue is his vision and it is not extremely serious. His caregivers say “he is a sporty, sunny boy. We join with him in praying for a family. There is a $4000 Promise Child grant for families who qualify to assist with this adoption. In addition, a generous donor has offered a grant of $3000 to any family for the adoption of this child.

Yvonne is an adorable little girl with a sweet smile who was wearing a beautiful outfit when she met with us. At first, it appeared that she might be very shy in front of so many people but as soon as she began to speak we were very impressed with her clear and fluent speech. Yvonne likes to sing and dance, and even performed a lovely song for us. She is described as “little actress” and “little star of the institute” by caregivers. She made eye contact with people in the room and followed instructions of the caregiver who was helping out. Yvonne has a few medical needs but the caregivers told us that they do not affect her ability to function in everyday life. When we handed her something to look at she held it closer to her eyes and appeared to be able to see better that way. Her caregiver told us that her left eye has better vision. She can go to the bathroom on her own and be independent in most areas. She is a quick and enthusiastic learner. Her special needs are post op cataract both eyes, spinal curvature, and post op atresia. Yvonne is a lovely child with a sweet personality who would be a great fit for a loving family. There is a $4,000 Promise Child grant for eligible families for this adoption.

Shawn attends school outside of the orphanage where his caregivers say that he does quite well. He is in the second grade. His favorite subject at school is fine art and his nannies say this his writing is beautiful. He really enjoys playing games. Shawn was born with spina bifida. He is incontinent and his gait is unusual. His nannies say that he takes care of his diaper by himself. He is able to run, but only slowly. He is described as a very independent boy. He has been best friends with another boy at the institute, Fu Yu, since they were little children. We observed Shawn walking and he walks a little bit knock-kneed, he takes short steps with his feet turned in and he walks on the heel of his left foot. He is able to walk on his heels, but not his toes. He is slightly unsteady when he turns around. The volunteer doctor at the orphanage noted that he has good sensation in his feet. The orphanage staff report that he had two surgeries for his spina bifida. There is a $4,000 Promise Child grant for eligible families for this adoption.

Visit this page to find blogs highlighting families who have adopted older children.

For more information on any of these waiting children please contact the Advocacy Team.