2 year old girls waiting for a family

WACAP is seeking adoptive families for five toddler girls in their Special Focus group. Consideration will be given to families who might need additional exceptions in order to qualify to adopt from China. For more information, visit our Children Who Wait page.

Sink or Swim

Our daughter Ping has Spina Bifida.  Normally her Special Need doesn’t impact her day to day activities.  There have been the odd emergency trip to the Spina Bifida Clinic… and the numerous check ups, and test, and MRIs, and neurology type things… but other than that… her Spina Bifida has not been on the forefront […]

Let’s Talk About Labels


Every month the excitement quickens. Every month the chatter on groups and the *official* website for all things China adoption takes on a new level. Every month a few announce their joyous news for a referral of a child from the shared list. And that never gets old: to know a child who was once […]

Older Children Available on Shared List: Take a Peek!

Are you looking for your child? Have you considered an older child, between the ages of 7 and 13? Here is the direct link to the blog of Pearl River Outreach. They are advocating for some very special children. This POST highlights SEVEN older children available for adoption NOW on the shared list. GO TAKE […]