Find My Family: Mae

November 28, 2014 by nohandsbutours Children Who Wait, Wasatch 0 Comments


Mae is only 1 and has Down syndrome and CHD. Mae likes the most to play with other children and the time of playing with her little companions would be her happiest moment of her day. She is a clever and docile girl; She will get exited when seeing food in the caretaker’s hands and …Read More

Find My Family: Bailey

June 4, 2014 by nohandsbutours advocating, Children Who Wait, girls, Wasatch 0 Comments

Bailey is 11 and has a postoperative intracranial tumor. Bailey has normal body development. She is outgoing and lovely; she is gets along with others well; the warm smile makes her lovable. She is happy to take part in some simple labors and games; she likes to sing, dance and draw; she like to help …Read More