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Waiting to be Chosen: Nani

March 30, 2017 6 Comments

It took waaaay too long, but adorable Nani’s file is finally complete. She is ready for her family to find her and bring her home! Nani is 5 years old and designated to Children’s House International.

Nani is talkative and likes to listen to music. She loves to sing! She likes to play games with her friends, but she can happily play on her own, too. She is close to her caretakers. She is tiny, and as cute as can be! If you look at this little face and think Nani could be your daughter, read on to learn her story.

Nani was found on a cold February evening in front of a book store. She was only four days old. Just a few months later, this brave little girl would face a 36 day hospital stay, where she would endure extensive reconstructive surgery for several lower limb orthopedic issues and a sacral meningomyelocele.

Just after Nani turned two years old, staff from Children’s House International visited her orphanage. Nani was wary of these strangers. Nani’s eyes were sad and she appeared to be underweight. And the strangers could sense – even though Nani was only two years old – that she was tired of having to show someone her leg… again. CHI staff were puzzled as to why she had not been registered already, but confirmed that, YES, she should be registered for adoption right away. She was adoptable! Unfortunately, it would take a further two years for her file to be complete.

While Nani waited, she did her best to adjust to life in an orphanage. She has blossomed into a beautiful little girl with the most endearing smile and sparkle in her eye. Her surgery was unable to completely straighten her knee, but Nani did not let that stop her from finding a way to walk with the help of a walker. Her caretakers describe her as determined – a quality that probably serves this sweet little girl well.

At last, Nani has the chance to find the family she needs.

A few quick notes about her medical condition and special needs: It would be noted at the time of her surgery that she had agenesis of the right kidney, but that is never mentioned again. Confirmation has been requested. Photos are included in Nani’s file and will give you a better understanding of her condition. Opportunities for appropriate treatment are not available to her now. She needs to come home. She needs a family to see past her differences and see only their beautiful child.

For more information about adopting Nani, please contact CHI China Team Specialist Nina Thompson.

Joshua Waits

March 28, 2017 2 Comments

Joshua is a precious 5 year old who is waiting for a family of his very own.

Joshua has round head and face, ready to smile and clever. He is active, restless and extroverted. At the age of 1year, he can not speak much, can express his happy and angry with smiling and crying, can crawl to the food. He has flexible motion, can turn over and crawl well, can move with holding, can stand alone for a while, can use thumb and index finger deftly, can hold the toys with both hands, can search for dropped toys, can make sound of “yiyiyaya,” can giggle. He is energetic, likes playing toys and music.

Medical Condition: Arachnoid Cyst, Developmental delays

From a recent update:

Compared to his peers’ development, language, and behavior, etc., the orphanage feels he is basically normal. He can say anything and his speech is completely normal, so he can also understand and follow directions. He is potty trained and can completely take care of it on his own. His personality is lively and open and extremely charming. He loves to be active and really likes to play outside. He plays extremely well with nannies and other children. He does make eye contact.

He is very close with the nannies who care for him and his teachers, and he also likes to communicate with strangers. The orphanage staff mentioned that recently he may have shown some signs of epilepsy, and quite frequently too. However they are very fast, lasting only a second or two to ten seconds at the most, and he is fine after a moment. When the nannies ask him, he is aware.

Joshua is listed with CCAI through the former shared list program. Please contact this amazing agency for more information on this sweet little guy!

Waiting for You: Cassie

March 14, 2017 4 Comments

2 1/2 year old Cassie is a precious little girl who is listed with Wide Horizons For children’s Individual List.

Cassie is described as a social and outgoing little girl who loves music, dancing, and playing with her peers. She always has a big smile for her friends. Cassie was born with Down Syndrome and has a mild heart defect. She is walking independently and is imitating words. It’s hard to find anything that Cassie doesn’t like to do. Whether it is blocks, musical toys, dancing, playing with her friends, or exploring, she loves to try new things! And Cassie is always ready and willing to join in the fun!

There is a $7500 subsidy for Cassie’s adoption through Wide Horizons! Please contact WHFC for more information about Cassie.

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Child Who Waits: Seth

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