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by Donna, mom to Lainey from China with cleft lip and cleft palate

We began our adoption journey in March 06, becoming LID on 8/1/06. I began looking into the SN program before my husband was comfortable with it. But, after realizing it wasn’t as scary as he initially had built it up to be, we filled out CCAI’s medical checklist in 10/06.

We were called with a referral in September 07, a little 19 month old with a repaired TOF heart condition. We had indicated that we were comfortable with a minor heart condition, so this threw us a little…TOF, we had researched, was definitely major. But, it being repaired, maybe it would be okay. We contacted several pediatric cardiologists, one of which is very well known in helping adoptive families with referrals. The information was received was mostly negative or just plain unknown based on the lack of or incorrect information we had. In the end, having to take into consideration our other 4 children, we prayerfully and tearfully declined this referral. It was something we didn’t expect to have to do and it was extremely hard. I cried more that week than I had in a very long time.

Thankfully, CCAI allowed us to keep up with her, and we found out she was adopted and now lives in TX. It gives me great comfort to know that her family found her!

We got another call in November 07, and this one was the real deal. We felt it right away, and were over the moon. We traveled to China in February 08 and will be celebrating having her 9 months on Tuesday.

Our journey through the SN program wasn’t as smooth as silk, but we can say without any doubt that OUR child, meant for US, chosen by GOD, is sleeping soundly in her room tonight. And, we are blessed.

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