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September 20, 2009 Stefanie 2 Comments

Chinese babies stolen by officials for foreign adoption
By Barbara Demick ::

September 20, 2009

The man from family planning liked to prowl around the mountaintop village, looking for diapers on clotheslines and listening for the cry of a hungry newborn. One day in the spring of 2004, he presented himself at Yang Shuiying’s doorstep and commanded: “Bring out the baby.”

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  1. The Gang's Momma says:

    What a broken, godless time we are living in. I'm just sick to my stomach at the images and thoughts of this.

  2. TanyaLea says:

    Oh my goodness. I am un utter shock over what I just read. It is a different kind of child trafficing…but it is still 'trafficing' nonetheless, and it absolutely breaks my heart to think of this taking place. To be the parent of a child that they know came from that orpahange during that particular period of time… I can't even begin to imagine what I would be feeling right now if I were in their shoes. A LOT of heartache for the birth family, that is for certain! We need to join together and be in prayer about this situation before it gets any worse. My heart goes out to both the adoptive community and the innocent Chinese people. A very sad, gutt-wretching story.

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