Sorry For My Absence ….

October 31, 2010 Gwen 0 Comments

I really hope this is still my day to post … I am so sorry for my slacking !!!

I will tell you that we have brought home two amazing young angels from Uganda about 4 months ago and yet another journey began … I have often said this to many people, but when you are bringing home a SN angel there will always be more than you expect or less than you expect according to what the PAPERS have said and you should prepare your heart and your family for this … I think part of not knowing everything is a true gift from the LORD … It causes each of us to whole heartedly rely upon the Lord’s strength and peace … You see our sweet boy was supposedly partially deaf … Now that we are home we realize that there are many other WONDERFULLY CREATED BY THE LORD issues … One reason for my absence lately is because of the many many doctors appointment for him and our other sweet SN angel that is still seeing a doctor for her burn  … I was beginning to think that the hospital was going to assign me my very own parking space … It is in these draining no-energy moments that I turn to the FATHER and thank HIM for the many doctors that can help me help my child … It is in these moments when I fall deeper in love with my children  … I mean there is nothing better for bonding than a child clinging to you for dear life and you get to whisper in their little ear, “Mommy loves you and will not leave you.”

I want to encourage any and all (because so many have encouraged me) don’t ever look at the journey as a way to FIX your child … Walk the journey to grow in each other, help your child to heal and thrive, and accept what amazing blessings the FATHER has created in your child ….

blessings and I will do my best to encourage you and allow you to peak into the lives of the OATSVALL TEAM … if you wanna see a picture of my sweeties visit us  !!

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