one year with my sweet Vivi Kate

January 3, 2011 dwarfism, Stefanie 0 Comments

Vivienne officially joined our family on January 11, 2010.

That was a glorious day for our family: we were gaining a precious daughter.

It was a tragic day for her: she lost everything she knew.

A month later, I shared more about the reality of that day.

By early spring we were both emerging from the fog that is China. That is adoption. That is adding to your family by one, overnight.

And it was good. At least I was feeling good. Falling more madly in love with Vivienne by the day.

But she took a bit longer to feel the same.

We co-slept. We danced around the kitchen. We layed on the couch together with Chris in the evenings.

We worked on just being together. And allowed God time to begin to heal those wounds, and slowly build a foundation of trust. And love.

And by summer? It showed.

This picture was taken at the hospital on the day we confirmed that Vivienne has dwarfism.

And thus began an overwhelmingly sad season… for me.

But again, God was so merciful. And He revealed to me that His creation, Vivienne, was no accident. He made her just as she is.

And now? Oh my. We are now at a place of blessed joy. And peace. And connectedness. Vivienne has blessed our family beyond belief. And while I can’t speak for Vivienne, I think these pictures reveal just how far she has come.

In looking back on these pictures, that depict our first year together, I can’t help but cry.

They represent such a journey.

Of my heart.

Of Vivienne’s heart.

And all the tears shed? All the hardships faced?

Absolutely, positively worth it.

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