Crazy and Normal

June 9, 2012 Gwen 1 Comments

I think most of my life right now is all about balance in lots of areas … I was at birthday party yesterday of a friend who has just adopted 2 children (infant and 3 year old from the United States) … All of our children hadn’t met yet, but she was throwing the 3 year old a birthday party and wanted to be intentional on having a birthday party of children from all races, size, and shapes … It was refreshing to be in a place where I could breathe easy, chat, and just watch my kids play without my guard being up …

We are probably all CRAZY that read this blog (crazy for Jesus and his amazing Uniquely Made Children – or we’re researching to be crazy … hee hee) and that is a joyful way to live life, but every once in a while we need to be with SO MANY CRAZY PEOPLE that we feel NORMAL … Now please don’t read to much into the words NORMAL and CRAZY … I am just using those words to describe emotions in a situation … As a pastor’s wife, coach’s wife, co-founder of 2 organizations, and having 7 children I am out and about all the time and it can feel like a microscope … I am extra aware of my Uniquely Made Children as I try to protect them and yet educate others, but if I don’t find that balance for them and me as a mother in all the environments we interact with then I can actually harm both of us …

I have seen people change in an instant when they see my family and hear our story and WOW, what amazing GOD moments those are … But I have also been in some pretty tough situations that caused my heart to break and then steps backwards for my children who are in the process of healing … So it is ok NOT to put yourself out there ALL THE TIME and have some safe places to just go be NORMAL …

The reality is that those NORMAL places probably used to be CRAZY until you invested time in them … So you see this silly circle we are in – NORMAL TO CRAZY FROM CRAZY TO NORMAL !!! I just want to encourage you in finding that balance between being in the land of NORMAL and the land of CRAZY … Spending time in both will help you see the LORD and his journey for you …

Gwen Oatsvall,

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  1. Stefanie says:

    Amen, my sweet sister. I can totally relate.
    So grateful for the way you can minister to my heart.

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