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June 21, 2012 Stefanie, What We're Reading 1 Comments

From the last few weeks, some good stuff we’ve read that relates to adoption and/or parenting a special needs child.

As always, if you are a traveling family, or have posted something, or read something, that you’d like to share here on No Hands But Ours, please let us know at nohandsbutours@gmail.com.

In the news:

US News recently released their newest rankings for the top pediatric hospitals in the US for 2012-2013.
According to their findings, the top five hospitals are:
1. Boston Children’s Hospital
2. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
3. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
4. Texas Children’s Hospital
5. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

They’re ambitious, beautiful, ready to take on any challenge life throws their way. And being in a wheelchair does not hold them back. That’s how Monika Joshi, of USA TODAY describes the leads in a new show on Sundance Channel. Push Girls features four women in wheelchairs in a new 14-episode unscripted documentary series.

In the blog world:

Amy at Learning to Fly with Chopsticks shares about the progress her son, Milo, has made since coming home. Milo’s special need is a missing hand – but check out the video of him peeling an orange all by himself.

Our beloved Tonggu Momma shares about her little one, Squirt, and the continuing search for the cause of Squirt’s ongoing medical issues.

Shannon, who blogs at Here We Grow Again, recently shared her heart about a boy, Charlie, that needs to find his forever family. And although she wanted Charlie to be her son, after much prayer and consideration, they determined that adopting Charlie was not God’s plan for them.

Yvette at Bringing Home Holland shares her thoughts on her son’s imperfect, but perfect-to-her, legs prior to surgery. A few days later, Cavanaugh had his foot amputation surgery to allow him to be fitted for prosthetics.

Hiking Mama from Hike. Blog. Love. responds to Margaret Cho’s recent comment about being older and the possibility of having a child with special needs. Cho remarked, “I get worried about that, as an older woman, I don’t necessarily want to have a retard.” Ouch.

Cynthia at Blessed Beyond Measure shares about her daughter Lucy’s special need of microtia and hearing impairment and their plans for an upcoming surgery to build an ear drum and ear canal.

And I’ve been chronicling our son Jude’s recent clubfoot relapse. At six years old, despite following the proper bracing protocol, Jude’s right foot is relapsing. We recently completed the required MRI (to rule out neurological issues) and are awaiting casting and surgery in July.

Traveling Families:

And lastly, if you’re like all of us around here, you’ll want to take a few moments (or hours!) and travel vicariously with these families currently in China to bring home their children.

Step By Step to Jack
Maggie at Last – non-special needs
Finding Franky

Thanks to Nancy and Holly for sharing links they had found to share for What We’re Reading: Links. If you have any links or posts you’d like to share, let us know via email!

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  1. Aus says:

    You are SO much nicer than me…I read Cho’s words and I think “slap / smack” or mebby “punch”! Great stuff here tho – all good!!

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