Out of the Sketch Pads of Babes

October 8, 2012 Eileen, HepB+ 1 Comments

This is the night we’ve waited for!
Always a treat we have in store
We love each other more and more…
With every family night….

I’ll spare you the rest.

My teenagers would turn 10 shades of red if you happened to look into our windows on a Sunday night and see us in a circle, holding hands, singing and kicking. The song signifies the start of our weekly Family Home Evening, something encouraged by our church for decades as a time to discuss gospel principles and enjoy family togetherness. The song and dance are certainly not part of any advised curriculum, but a tradition started in my husband’s home when he was just a boy.

With the arrival of each of our children from afar, it’s been with great joy that we’ve added them to the family circle……both literally and figuratively. Along with all of the things that need to be taught to a new child, the one we have found most rewarding is the fact that they have a Heavenly Father who loves them. A Heavenly Father who has always loved them.

Last week for Family Home Evening, our youngest daughter, our sweet Cholita, had the assignment of lesson. She’s had that assignment many, many times before, but this time she wanted to do it completely by herself. She chose her topic early in the day and hid herself away in her room, preparing her lesson. When Family Home Evening started, she hung up a picture she’d drawn to contribute to the atmosphere.

“But,” she shyly said while pointing to her drawing, “I’m not sure if this is REALLY what He looks like.” We assured her that artists have struggled with that same problem for centuries.

She went on to give her lesson on God’s love for us and how He wants us to love one another. It was a wonderfully pure, sweet lesson and I will always treasure her darling picture. Not only did I notice that there are truly no hands but ours, but I feel quite confident that she got His smile just right!

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  1. Laine Ferrill says:

    THAT makes my day!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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