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I’ve been pondering Christmas a lot lately. It’s December, after all, and well… it’s just been on my mind. The season of Advent… or the coming of the Lord. How long God’s people waited for it. Imagined it. Prepared for it. Prayed and asked and begged for it.

For the Advent.

It’s running through my head so much lately.

The glorious coming of the King of kings.

And with it, scenes flood my mind from the beautiful and recent homecoming of our little prince, Gabe. The anticipation continues to build as we celebrate the season and all the Lord has done for us and in over the past year.

Christmas holds so much promise. Unrivaled hope is ours because of Jesus’ coming. Coming to redeem a people and graft us in. Coming to make wrong things right. To bring forgiveness and healing and grace.

And while Gabe’s coming is completely different and pales in comparison, it has given me a new hope too.

Hope that other children will be grafted into families during the next year. That the injustices they have endured will be made right. And that they will be shown mercy in their vulnerable state.

Beginning in January, Gabe will have the first of four surgeries that will take place over the next 12 months. To say I’m apprehensive is an understatement. The outlook from both specialists is very good. Still my heart aches to think of him going through them.

But here’s the thing, without him coming home, these necessary operations were not likely to be a reality. They all need to be done sooner than later and as quickly as we can get him healed and ready for the next one. I’m just so relieved he is here. That he is home. And that his hope of having these problems alleviated is sure.

I know that my husband and I are common. That there are countless other people out there who are like us. Ordinary people who want to honor the Lord by loving what He loves. My prayer is that they will step out in faith and say “YES!” to one of these beautiful children who need a family. Just as our son from Thailand, Joel, did three years ago, Gabe has deepened our perspective. Seeing the transformation of yet another orphan into a beloved son has spurred on my hope once again this Christmas.

Let’s work and pray and encourage and speak out until every child has a family. Until no child goes to sleep alone. And until the orphan crisis is a terrible but distant memory.

Let’s consider the Advent of the Lord and live our lives with purpose and great intention. Children everywhere are pondering an advent… the advent of a family. They are waiting and imagining. They are preparing and asking and begging. Let’s remember them this season!

Merry Christmas NHBO friends! I have much love and gratitude for you all!
For His fame and because of His coming~

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  1. Stefanie says:

    So glad that your ‘little prince’ is HOME with you to celebrate this Christmas as a beloved SON 🙂
    Merry MERRY Christmas to you and yours!

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