my wild and beautiful.

March 23, 2013 Angie, cl/cp 5 Comments


she finds my pillow or my arm or holds my hand… and stays close by through the night. her wild and spunky and determined self finds rest.
for years i dreamed of this. waited endlessly to have her snuggling in my arms. wept thousands of tears over the days we were apart.

and she is here. nearly two years home, and still i marvel at God’s plan. at His all knowing of how this would all play out. there are days and weeks that we walk pain and tears and i get bent out of shape and my frustration flys off the handle.

but in the calm of the morning, when my body longs for just a few more precious moments of rest, i can’t help but smile as i watch her breathing deeply and peacefully. she is of the most magnificent creatures i’ve ever known. right smack dab in front of me, sleeping on my pillow.

no matter how exhausted i am, it’s a blessing to feel the weight of her littleness against me. the calm she finds in sleeping close to me.

she won’t be little for long….she’s gaining confidence by the second.
these days travel fast and i’m not letting them go by without capturing in my heart just how beautiful and wild and fantastic they really are.

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  1. Kam says:

    I can so relate to how you feel…we have a wild and handsome. His favorite place is on my pillow. By and large, he’s not there all that often {he sleeps in a crib in our room 90% of the time} but when he struggles, snuggles with mama and daddy in our bed is always the remedy. Sweet babies. So grateful to have them home. 🙂

  2. oh, yes…I know exactly what you mean. Every morning, she is right on my chest. Some how in the middle of the night she made her way to me. And, I really dont mind at all. As long as starts the night in her bed. LOL. That was my true victory.

  3. Absolutely beautiful and reminds me of the treasures in my arms too. Thank you.

  4. Stefanie says:

    So know that feeling of pure joy in the comfort they find in finally being HOME.
    And yes, they grow up way too fast…

  5. Caitlin says:

    You wrote my exact thoughts.

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