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April 16, 2013 adopting two at once, Jean, older child adoption 2 Comments

Welcome to Jean – our newest contributor at No Hands But Ours!
Jean and her husband have been married for 31 years and have raised 5 biological children. In 2006 God called them to adopt and he hasn’t stopped calling them. They now have 11 treasures home from China in addition to their 5 older bio kids. Jean blogs about life with “Jim and Jean Plus Sixteen” – as they jokingly call themselves – at There’s No Place Like Home.

So, when you looked at that picture, what was it that caught your attention? Was it the sad longing face, the joyful smile, the pouty lips or the eyes staring back at you? Was there something familiar about the child looks? Even though he/she was a different nationality did one of their features feel familiar?

For us it was something different every time. But it reached out and grabbed us and we couldn’t get that child out of our minds. Even when I walked away from the computer the image stuck with me. Even when we figured the special need was too much for us- the vision of that child kept coming back.

Sometimes we would see a child that was hanging out on the waiting child list or the shared list… for months. We couldn’t believe no one grabbed him or her. When they became ours I wanted to shout it out to the world. This child is wonderful, you will soon see! We are so lucky to be blessed with this child! They are a diamond in the rough! A beautiful child of God’s!


I feel that way about your children too! Oh, this lucky family now has the referral for this little boy or girl! I wish that I could follow them all as they grow and blossom.

Sometime the Lord gently spoke to our hearts and said “she needs to come home”.

Other times I would think to myself “We cannot do that…” and the Lord quietly answered back “of course you can, because I can”.

I remember saying we would never do “this” special need and unknowingly that is exactly what we did. God chuckled and we moved closer too him as we had been unprepared for his gift.

Sometimes I feel like I have the best kept secret and I want everyone to know! Children with special needs are an amazing gift. They are unique and delightful. Watching the Lord as He medically or emotionally helps a child heal is a blessing to behold. And then, to be part of that transformation is jaw dropping!

We prayed for healthy babies through 5 pregnancies and were thrilled each time our prayers were answered. But now I realize that blessings come in all shapes and sizes. Our healthy children were indeed a blessing but no more so than our adopted children with special needs.

An acquaintance in our church is starting an organization for children with special needs. When my close friend referred to our family the woman said but none of those children have special needs! I loved that answer!

Some families like the agency to pick a child that matches their preference list and send the referral while they pray over it. Often it’s a fit and you wonder… how did God know?

Pictures speak to me. I look at the waiting child photos and imagine them in our family. I ask God is this the one?

One time I got an audible answer from the Lord! I was shocked and amazed and YES, he is home now! A few other times my heart leapt (they’re home). And yet another time I showed hubby the picture and although adoption wasn’t in the fore front of his thoughts he quickly answered back YES (much to my surprise) and they are home, too!

So what was it about your child that grabbed you and wouldn’t let you go?

Or how about that child on the waiting child list that you keep checking on? There is something about him or her that makes you smile and your heartache all at the same time…

2 responses to “Your Waiting Child?”

  1. Ann says:

    Jean, it is great to see you here and I love your post! I especially love how you said your healthy kids are a blessing AND you kids with special needs are equally a blessing! So often we hear parents praying for a child who is healthy and I often wonder what God thinks of this–what is healthy and what is God designed, ya know? All children are created in God’s image. I have been following your blog for several years and it has truly been miraculous to see your family grow!

  2. Alison says:

    Jean, so sweet to see you posting here now 🙂 I resonate with what you have written here. Our daughter (adopted February 2013) was listed on our agency’s website with a special need we hadn’t always thought we’d be open to, but there was something about her photo…she reminded me of our older daughter, despite the fact that, like you mentioned, she is of a different nationality! She was striking to us – something about her made us wonder if she might be our daughter – and now she is, and we are oh so blessed 🙂

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