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I remember seeing him on my friend’s blog.

I emailed her about him and asked a couple questions. She gave me the information she had on him…

And then she gave me a link…

Which changed everything…

I felt like a boy was waiting somewhere in China for us and I wondered if this was “our boy”.

We were familiar with the special need and truthfully,

it’s an easy one.

So many people fear it in the USA, mostly because they are uneducated about how it is transferred from person to person. AND they just don’t know how truly healthy these children are when they are on medication.


In China… EVERYONE feared it…

So much so, that they would JAIL a child to protect themselves…

There was no thought or consideration for the child that was being “jailed”.

No one considered what was in his best interest.

No one thought of how they may be harming him by keeping him isolated for 3 years.

Everyday he looked through the bars in his room and crib and saw the other children playing outside.

I am guessing that he longed to be free and play with the other children.

For three years he was “jailed”…

Isolated in every way…

No hugs,

No kisses,

No comforting…


When I saw what was being done to this child,

and that he was separated from everyone else due to no fault of his own.

And that he was being HIDDEN because he was HIV positive-


truly. physically. sick

I wanted to throw up,

my knees were wobbly…

My head hurt as

my thoughts were wildly spinning around.

And I moaned in pain for him.

I wanted to break him out of jail immediately.


When I hear of situations like this,

I ache.

How can life be so unfair.

How can people be so inconsiderate, unkind and ridiculous.

My Momma Bear instincts flare up when a child is involved and


when that child is an


They have NO VOICE and no choice.

They are innocent victims… of an adult world.

Here is the article I read about this boy.

And, yes…

With time God revealed that

this little boy is our son.

Through a multitude of events He showed us his plan.


This is our Joseph…

We have been told that once this article was published and his story was out in the open-




We think the orphanage has since been educated and our little boy is interacting with the other children and in preschool.

At least that is what we have heard.

We are praying that it is true.

I have only seen one picture with him and other children.

He doesn’t seem to be dressed like the other children.

I find that a little concerning.


He is on medication now and doing very well. We have no idea what the repercussions of being isolated for 3 years will be. Praying he can over come the past and embrace his new life.

Sometimes the HIV positive kiddos go to an undisclosed foster home in their Province. They are able to partake in “normal life” and they flourish. Their special need is kept quiet and they can live life just like any other child (rather, just like any other orphan). They are cared for by nannies that understand HIV and are not afraid of it.

We are thankful for this article and the people that were involved in writing it.

It’s because they exposed the injustice that occurred and it resulted in his freedom.

Oh God, please bless him and watch over him…

Please prepare his heart and mind for parents and for a big family.

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  1. susan says:

    We are blessed to have a son from Viet Nam who was abandoned outside of an orphanage that cared specifically for HIV+ children. As a unique way to have nannies care for these children, they used women serving time at the nearby correctional facility. We were told that many of these women had HIV themselves (they were often serving time for high risk behaviors), and therefore were unafraid to truly care and love the children. Our son had exceptional care there! I marveled at this special situation that allowed love and acceptance for these children, in a society where often there was not.

  2. laura says:

    Thanks for the article and photos Jean. It is so sad to seem him in his crib. God bless Him, protect him and speed his trip home. You and your Husband Jim and being used in such a huge way right now. Thanks for being so bold and brave, I am amazed and love to follow your journey. Thank you. Also praying for Abby, we walked that road of BMT only briefly, I am praying. God Bless all the children and You and Jim.

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