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Meet Reid


This fair haired and rosy cheeked cutie is Reid. He is two years old. He is said to be a clever and lovely baby. He is walking and talking. He likes music and gets excited when you turn it on. Reid has been diagnosed with Albinism. His last exam said his sight is good. Children affected with Albinism have higher sensitivity in their eyes. They may require sunglasses while outside and sometimes inside as well. A lot of the children will require reading glasses for poor eyesight. He was also diagnosed with Pulmonary stenosis of the heart (CHD). He has not had surgery for the heart defect yet. He was abandoned at 6 months. Reid is currently listed with AAC Adoption, please contact AAC for more information on adopting him.

Meet Wesley


Wesley has been diagnosed with albinism and horizontal nystagmus of both eyes along with a transparent cornea. Wesley is living in the institution and is doing well. He can go up and down stairs with one foot on each step, he can run, walk, and jump steadily too. Wesley is able to imitate drawing crosses and simple figures. He can recognize big and small, out and in, and can express his needs with words. Wesley can dress himself and can take off shoes and socks alone. Wesley likes watching cartoons, listening to stories with peers, and playing games with the other children outdoors. Wesley was abandoned when he was 6 years old and he has been on the shared list since 2008. He has a gentle temperament, is polite, sensible, and gets along well with others. He likes to play games with kids outdoors. He likes watching cartoons, listening to stories with peers, and playing with balls and toy cars. His favorite are the toys that make sound. Wesley ages out next summer, he needs a family to start the process for him soon!

Meet Jason


Jason is a sweet eleven year old from Southern China diagnosed with albinism. He has never had any major diseases other than catching an occasional cold, runny nose, coughing and an occasional fever. Jason is energetic and loves to help his caregivers. He loves hugs and playing with the other children. He enjoys games and playing with balls. Playing badminton makes him happy. His caregiver explained that he saw other children playing badminton and decided he wanted to try it, so he is currently learning how to play. When he grows up, he wants to be a car driver. His caregiver stated he is normally very active and noisy, but he was nervous with strangers so he was quiet during the meeting with agency staff that met him at a camp. He had a huge smile on his face during his dance performance and appeared be having fun with his friends.

He is listed on the shared list, however, WACAP has a large grant toward his adoption if a family uses their agency to bring him home. Contact WACAP for more information.

Meet Timmy


Timmy is an extroverted nine year old who he likes outdoor activities. Because of his eyes and intelligence, he doesn’t go to school, but he likes learning. When he sees his older foster brother reading, he will learn to take the book to read. Since his younger brother has come to the family, he is very happy. The two boys usually play at home and when they go outside,his younger brother helps to take care of him. Once he sees his younger brother go out, he will follow him out. Timmy is an active boy. He does not like staying at home, but he does like playing outside. If his foster mom takes him down stairs, he can play alone happily and runs around. He likes it when it is cloudy and cannot open his eyes in the sun. He likes listening to his foster mom tell stories and playing games with his foster younger brother. He can now help his foster mom do many things, like clean the table and dishes. He can put on his clothes and shoes independently. He likes taking photos and does not like flashlights. He is very photogenic and likes to pose for the camera!

Meet Barry

Oh my goodness this boy will melt your heart! Barry was born February of 2010. He is an adorable little boy, who was very involved in eating his snack when we saw him, and had a little meltdown as soon as it was taken away. He came to the orphanage in June 2010. He appeared to be on target, and was able to run for us. Nannies told us he can kick a ball, though we weren’t able to tear him away from his snack in order to show us! He can also go up the stairs with one hand held. He is a noisy, active boy who plays well with the other children in his room. Nannies report that his favorite toys are cars, and that he loves listening to music. He can say simple words like “mama,” and drink from a cup by himself. This energetic little guy needs a family to give him some love (and plenty of snacks!). Barry is agency specific. To find out more about Barry or to see his picture contact Tina.

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For information on beginning the journey of adoption contact our Advocacy Team.

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