you can't keep a good man down

December 1, 2013 hypospadias, Kam, Urogenital System 0 Comments

I’ve posted here before that I’m an idiot. There’s no denying. And my idiocy is magnified at the pedi urologist’s office. But recently, I scored one for the mommy dummies of the world, because I was right!

Our Gabe wasn’t doing well. I couldn’t put my finger on it. He was cranky and pulling at himself and just not right. I called the urologist about a possible UTI. They had me call the pedi. Pedi said he didn’t have one but that they would begin antibiotics and send a culture anyway. Of course it came back that he had a raging {mostly antibiotic resistant} infection. Score one for mom.

But other things didn’t add up. And after two traumatic urologic instances {I’ll spare you the details of both}, I took him to the urologist. He told me that he was soooo glad I brought him in because his urethra was closed.


With only the tiniest pin hole opening where urine could barely trickle out.

No wonder sweet baby was not feeling well. Can you even imagine? I surely can’t.

So uro surgery #3 {#4 and possibly #5 are scheduled for next year} happened within days and the Little Prince was again living with a catheter. And quite a large one.

But you know something? It didn’t phase him in the least. Oh, he didn’t like having his diaper changed. Could you blame him? Me either.

He went on with life and actually, felt wonderful. And it’s no wonder…without the feeling that he had to pee all the stinkin’ time and the pain of the UTI and who knows what else…he was like a new man!

There was the moment a few days after surgery when, during an intense light saber fight with his brother, he met the mean end of our sofa table…and thus got a black eye. But even that, after a few minutes, was no big deal.

It’s true, you can’t keep a good man down. And this one? He always comes out standing.
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