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January 2, 2014 Advocacy 0 Comments

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the school…

Every child was excited because they were having a pajama party! They all wore their robes, and they were wrapped up in blankets and quilts. They ate sugar until they felt sick, and they kept sneaking over to the tree to try to open their presents. Sounds like Christmas, right?

These kids live in foster care with Bethel China, a home for orphans with visual impairments. They have each other as brothers and sisters, they have teachers who know what it takes to get them to learn, they have caregivers who know what makes them happy and sad.

Most of them don’t have a family of their own. Wouldn’t it be amazing if next Christmas…they did?

Meet Gabe

Update: My family has found me!

Gabe just turned 5 years old. His teacher loved that they had a matching set of ears on their pyjamas. Gabe has been living with Bethel China since he was 1 and we’ve loved watching him grow up! Watch Gabe’s video here, he is a guy to get to know!


Meet Robbie

Update: My family has found me!

Robbie is a monkey! He will quite happily plonk himself onto you and start singing. He is very fun to be around! He is 3 years old and is a very fun to be around. He is in preschool and he loves it.

image (4)

Meet Deborah My family has found me!!

Deborah is a 4 year old beautifully stunning little girl. She makes your world slow down when you hold her in your lap and she holds your hand so that you stroke her face. She is precious!

image (1)

Meet Asher My family has found me!

Asher is an amazing little boy who just turned 3 years old. He is in an English preschool class. It’s so much fun watching him explore and learn more about the world. He has a cute little run when he wants to get somewhere quickly. Watch Asher’s amazing video here!

image (2)

Meet Petra

Petra is almost 4 years old and she arrived at Bethel quite recently. When she came, she was very afraid and fearful and she was not able to communicate with anyone. In the past few months she has learned that she is in a safe place with people who love her and she has started speaking. She is in preschool and she loves learning new things, and we love seeing her improve every single day.

image (3)

It was a Christmas that I certainly won’t forget, and we hope they won’t either!

For more information about any of these children (all are paper-ready and are on the shared list or are with an adoption agency), please email or visit Bethel China’s adoption advocacy website.

Chloe Banks is the Development Manager/ Big Sister at Bethel China, an organization working in orphan care and prevention in China by providing foster care and education for VI children from orphanages across the country. Bethel’s vision is to see ‘children with visual impairments living life to the fullest.’

For more information about games, crafts, education, cooking, sports, school and family life with a child with a visual impairment, check out Bethel China’s Pinterest boards. They are packed with amazing resources and ideas!

For more information on how to begin the adoption process contact the NHBO Advocacy Team.

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